Saturday, September 26, 2009

Soccer Stars

Blade and Ryder are playing soccer this season, on the same team. Works out great for us, no dividing up to watch games and practices, it's one stop shopping. So far the coach hasn't put them in at the same time, which I thought was because he wasn't sure how they would play together but then I realized today it's because he's got 3 boys on the team, our 2 and 1 other little boy, and they basically carry the team. The girls on the team are cute and fun to watch, when the ball comes towards them and they take approximately 15 minutes to get in position and then give it their best kick, although by then someone else has already kicked the ball away. But as for helping to win games, they just aren't cutting it.

Today's game was against a pretty good team from our rival town and made up mostly of boys. Our team took a pretty good beating, no thanks to our cheerleading squad, I mean the girls on our team. Blade and the other little boy were playing for 4 as the girls they were out there with from their team were easily intimidated by things like oh I don't know, the ball coming towards them, or the scary other team. :) Then when Ryder went out he was the only boy on our team. The boys had their work cut out for them today, and they played great. However not great enough to make up for their female teammates and the skills of the other team. Blade is just slightly competitive, I have no idea where he got that from, and was at his wit's end at today's game. Here are some things said by my boys on the field today:

*I am done playing on a team with girls. They keep scoring goals....FOR THE OTHER TEAM. Girls are the worst."-Blade

"Next year I'm playing football instead, they don't let girls play football right?"-Blade

"It's all on me."

*We have the worst team in the world because of THESE girls."-Blade

"Can I get some help over here?" -said by Blade when he had stolen the ball from the other team, taken it down field, passed it to one of the girls who then tapped it approximately half an inch when the other team tried to steal it and Blade was fighting to block it.

"I've scored so many goals my legs hurt." -said by Ryder.

"Did you see that girls? That's how you do it." Note how he's standing, this is his patented soccer stance. Hands on hips, belly out, we have no idea.

"RYDER ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!?"-said by me very loudly and Mom-like, after he'd been pushed down and was clutching his wrist. GI Joe told me that was enough of that and told me I was embarrassing him and Ryder by being THAT mom. Then he asked me if I was going to run out on the field to kiss Ryder's owie. To which I responded, "Umm that's my baby out there I need to make sure he's ok." Apparently, having one's Mom yell her concern for you is taboo in sports, something about detracting from your toughness factor. Whatever. I did refrain from going on to the field as Ryder gave me a grin to let me know he was ok.

"Do you mind taking one of your boys out to give our team a chance?"-our coach to the other coach when the "girls" were out.

"I had to score all the goals because Blade and Colby were to busy keeping the girls from scoring goals for the other team."-Ryder

Unsportsmanlike? Maybe. Sore losers? Possibly. True? Sadly. Hilarious? Most definitely. And here I thought being a soccer mom would be boring!

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