Sunday, September 20, 2009

Llama Love

We did it, we finally bought a girl llama to come and reside at the Koons Zoo and hopefully set the brokeback llamas straight (pun totally intended). We haven’t named her yet, I’m thinking Bahama Mama Llama, as you know how I love rhyming or Dolly Llama because well, that makes me giggle. Feel free to weigh in with your naming suggestions. But now is the hard part…deciding which male we want to….ahem…hook her up with. Right now we have her in the barnyard and the boys are roaming the pasture on the outside of the barnyard so they can see each other, talk, flirt, exchange numbers, court, etc but no hanky panky. We have our reasons for this. If we were to let her out with them, the boy llamas (if they are in fact interested and I really REALLY hope they are) would fight over her and it would get ugly, well and also we don't want her to turn into a complete tramp, we have our morals. So instead of dealing with llama drama we’re going to do a little Llama Love Connection and decide for them, who gets the girl. Anyone know if Chuck does on location shoots…with llamas?
This is kind of a big decision as the first boy we put with her will cause her to become a llama mama. Fun fact for you about llamas that I’m sure you never wanted to know but since I’m here to educate and inform you here goes, unlike dogs or cats or other animals that have a “season” (delicate huh?) they can be impregnated at any time. So basically the first boy llama she does the deed with is gonna be her baby daddy. Which is why we need to choose wisely. Do we go with Carter or Cash? Both are standoffish, snooty, slightly aggressive, and possibly gay, so it really boils down to which one is better looking. Man, the dating world is rough even for llamas. The good news is that To Be Named Llama is a very sweet, friendly, pretty girl so at least the offspring will have a fighting chance at being normal and pleasant.
Now the really fun part is to explain to the kids this process in a way that a) won’t traumatize them for life and b) skew their views of relationships with the opposite sex. Yeah, hard to instill fidelity, morals, chastity, etc when we’re running a full on llama brothel ‘round here.

The llama love triangle
I think Carter (pictured right) is edging out his competition.
Stay tuned for the next episode of Days of Our Llama Lives.

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