Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Green Teeth

We were having a little fun with food coloring the other day while decorating a cake for McDreamy's birthday (full recap of THAT coming soon), when the boys decided they wanted to do a little experiment. They wanted to put a white flower in a glass of water with the food coloring of their choice to make the flower change colors. I sent them outside with their glass of water and a tube of food coloring each to pick their flower. (Editor's sidenote: Believe it or not I have NOT killed all flowers and plants adorning our flower beds and flower boxes and they are actually thriving! It's not like I've been watering them or anything I've just gotten lucky with the weather this summer. Doesn't stop me from being pretty darn proud of myself though.) Blade came back in, with his white flower in his blue water, no problems. Ryder, on the other hand, came back in with green food coloring all over his face and hands. He handed GI Joe his cup which contained clear water and a white flower. It was pretty obvious that the food coloring hadn't made it into the cup. Blade and Dakota accused Ryder of drinking the food coloring (ewwww...) to which he responded, "NO I DIDN'T!!!" very adamantly. Which might've been convincing had his lips, teeth, and tongue not resembled the Incredible Hulk.
Poor kid, just can't get by with anything.
*Not pictured: Ryder. Once again I failed to take a picture but this one's pretty close, except Ryder is much cuter, even with green teeth.

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