Sunday, February 1, 2009

What I Love About Blade

Today is Blade's birthday. Hard to believe 7 years ago I was in the hospital after convincing my doctor that he needed to induce me since I was 7 days overdue. You may or may not know this about me, but I can be very persuasive.

Here are just 7 things I love about our firstborn son, our little man, mini GI Joe or JJ as his Wii Mii says. These are in no particular order so don't judge me.

1) His sense of style. You gotta love a kid who includes in his first day of school recap "you won't believe so and so's hair, it's like she didn't even brush it!" He is so particular when it comes to his clothes, shoes, hair, etc. I even ask him for advice on my clothes, decorating and furniture. And I'm not the least bit worried that he's gay, he's just particular and has had good trainingl! His future wife will thank me.

2) He's wise beyond his years. Ever since he was a newborn you just got this sense that he was taking everything in and processing it. I have to remind myself that he's only 7 as he seems like a miniature man in his observations, opinions and the way he carries himself. See Election Reflections post for an example. :)

3) He tells it like it is. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that about him even though at times it's my demise. Like the time he told me, "Mommy, you're pretty but Cinderella is WAY prettier." He'll keep ya humble that's for sure.

4) He's got all the athleticism that I wish I could've had. It pays to marry up. He got every bit of GI Joe's sports mind and ability. He's good at everything he does. Unlike his mother, who has a tendency to shoot at the wrong basket and run only when being chased by scary things like bugs or guys in masks at haunted houses.

5) He's such a suck up but in an endearing way. He's always been the golden child at school and does his best to pull the wool over our eyes at home too. He's eager to please and is not afraid to tell you what wonderful things he's done that deserve your attention and appreciation.

6) He's funny. He's got quick wit and sarcasm that just cracks us up.

7) He's so much like his Daddy it's frightening. From the way he looks, his walk, to his mannerisms and sense of humor, he's a mini GI Joe. Just what the world needs is another one!!! :) But he does have enough of me thrown in there to make him unique. It's a good thing though, I married GI Joe cuz I thought he was awesome (obviously) so I think it's great (most of the time) that they are so much alike, except when they gang up on me!

In a nutshell, he's all we ever hoped for and more in a son, when GI Joe and I were just starting out and would dream of our future children. To those of you with daughters in the 6-12 year old range (seriously, we had a 5th grader come up to us and tell us how wonderful Blade was!!) get them on the dating waiting list now as it's already filling up fast. Not that any girl will ever be able to survive my screening and approval process.

Happy Birthday Buddy, we love you!

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