Friday, February 13, 2009

It's the Little Things In Life

Last night GI Joe, told the boys that they needed to put their shoes away and straighten up theirroom. You would've thought he'd asked them to scale Mt. Everest in the middle of an avalanche.
Blade: "But why do we always have to pick up our shoes and clean our rooms?"
Ryder: "Yeah why? We have to do everything...clean our rooms, pick up shoes, set the table...."
GI Joe: "Because that's just life."
Blade: "Well then I HATE life!"
Ryder: "Yeah me too!"
Oh yeah they have it so rough don't they? Someone call Protective Services immediately and get them out of this terrible environment in which they do everything EXCEPT clean the house, cook, laundry, feed the animals, etc.

I totally disagree with Blade. Life is good and I love it. Here are just a few things in life right now that make me very happy.
A man and his goat

GI Joe doing some goat wrestling
When we got home from work, Cocoa the goat was hanging out in the ditch. Again, what must the neighbors think?!? We have no idea how he manages to get out of the barnyard but it is pure enjoyment and entertainment for me when he does. Because that means GI Joe will wrestle him to the ground, flip him on his back, grab all 4 hooves, and hoist him back over the fence, while Cocoa makes some crazy noises. It's FANTASTIC. I couldn't quite capture the entire process last night but next time I'll make that my mission.

This is another reason life is pink coffeepot and coordinating pink pig coffee mug. What's even better is GI Joe making the coffee in it. Just picture it with me, it will make you smile too. This just might make a morning person out of me yet.

And saving the best for last is the fact that my newborn niece, Kaydence, got to ride in the coolest Princess Mobile ever yesterday, when they transferred her to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville. She rode in style to a place I am confident will give her the best care possible and give my sister and brother in law all the tools and resources to care for her. That AND it is the place that all the country stars visit regularly. A little star power never hurt anyone..... :)

Ridin' in style

Incognito due to the paparazzi
Life is GOOD!

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  1. Hey Holly!! Its Holly, just wanted to let you know how Cocoa escapes this comes from personally witnessing Cocoa escape from the Zoo area. He takes his horns and pulls up the bottom part of the fence, its just enough so he can slide underneath it then he has freedom. Lets just say it was quite a challenge, shoving him back under the fence. I don't think I was one of his favorite people this summer.