Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holly's Follies

*Monday at work, I spent 30 minutes on the phone with the help desk located in Timbuktu, battling the language barrier to have them unlock my sign on account. My password contained a number and it turned out that my num lock was off. Good use of time there, genius!

*Attended a Fisherman's Swap Meet with GI Joe and the kids over the weekend and spent the entire time on the hunt for pink lures. I tend to be slightly vocal when shopping so I might have attracted a few curious looks and eye rolls when declaring a lure "pretty." My family was proud. But GI Joe did buy me a pink and purple lure that is guaranteed to catch the big ones. I can't wait to test it out. Yes, believe it or not, I love to fish! But only with my pink pole, pink chair, and pink lures. Pink really does work better. Oh and I don't bait my own hook or take the fish off. That's why I have a husband and 3 kids. It's good practice for them.

*My wonderful son, Blade said this to me after I was overly excited about the new hoodie (yes, I wear them too) I had purchased and was putting on in the car before our next stop, "Mommy, you are soooo weird, I can't even believe you're my mother." Believe it Buddy you won the Mommy Lottery!


  1. Holly, I love your blog. I'm a pink person, too (maybe not to the extremes you are, but quite a bit). I bought a pink hoodie when I was in FL for Christmas "just because its pink".

    I also worked in a lure manufacturing place about 15 years ago (I was the bookkeeper for the summer). And yes, we did put pink tape on the silver lures, but never in any big volume.

    Keep blogging, you're a hoot!


  2. Laurel-I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!