Tuesday, June 26, 2012

50 Shades of May

So almost the end of June seems like a fantastic time to do a recap of the month of May. Hey, at least it’s not September!

May was a great month, obviously, because it was my BIRTHDAY MONTH. Duh. But in addition to my birthday (month) there were some other highlights.

We kicked off the month of May with a Promotion Party in the USA for GI Joe. After having a carrot dangled in front of him for the past 2 years and lots of other unspeakable stress, it finally came to fruition. We had to travel to Council Bluffs , where my smom, sister, and dad happen to live, to attend the promotion ceremony. My family came to the ceremony and GI Joe’s mom also went with us because I guess it never gets old seeing your kids succeed whether it’s a school concert, a football game, or a military promotion. The promotion ceremony was short and sweet and the kids and I got to “pin” his new rank on him in front of his recruiter peers, my family and his mom. Although, I’m gonna be honest here, it’s velcro so it was really just for show but you can bet I went all “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” on him when it was my turn. Of course, I took cupcakes to celebrate. It was quite a sight, all these tough looking men in uniform clamoring over a pink cupcake carrier for the first cupcake. It was a great day spent with our family and seeing GI Joe accomplish something he’s worked so long and hard for. If you knew what he went through a year and a half ago with his job you’d know how well deserved it is and why it was such cause for celebration.

The kids could hardly contain their enthusiasm. 

Don’t worry no matter how high up he gets, I still outrank him…or so I think. :)

To celebrate, on the way home, we stopped at a farm store that we don’t have around here and we bought this guy. Because nothing says “Good Job! Congratulations! Well Done!” like a baby turkey.

His name is Black Ops….obviously. We also got some chickens, ducks and most importantly, a gosling, for me.  You know, as a promotion present for ME because everyone knows that behind every "kind of a big deal" guy there's a woman, making sure he's doing it right and providing comic relief and/running out of gas to help take his mind off of stresses of his military career. I've earned it. 

So this is my gosling...Ryan. 
Ryan..Gosling.  You follow? 
Hey girl....

Then of course the following week was MY BIRTHDAY. I wish every day was my birthday. It was delightful, as always. Even though I turned *gulp* 34!
Clearly, I acted my age.

Followed shortly thereafter by Mother’s Day. I gotta tell you, I’m not crazy about my birthday being so close to another holiday so I’ve always made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that the two are NEVER to be lumped together unless expressed preapproval from me is given and the only time that would/will happen is if he’s buying me a beachfront cottage in Hawaii for my birthday/Mother’s Day or that white 4 dr Jeep Wrangler I’ve had my eye on. I’m not high maintenance, why do you ask? The thing about Mother’s Day is that it’s not my favorite, like AT ALL, since my mom died in 1999. No matter how bad I try to not focus on that and instead focus on being a mom myself, it’s like I wake up on Mother’s Day with this dark cloud over me, a big ol’ lump in my throa, and unreasonably high expectations for my family to make it all better. So here’s how Mother’s Day went down.

It sucked (half of it). I cried (a lot). I got over it and ended up having a really great day. I don’t even want to relive the first half of it and how badly my children hurt my feelings or how I asked GI Joe at one point why I even bother trying to be a good mom (uhh yeah rough morning) so instead I’ll show you this. 
Just when you think you're a complete failure as a mom and have raised disrespectful, uncaring, heartless kids (I don't actually think that about them but Mother's Day morning, umm, that's exactly how they were acting) they go and do something like this.  Blade made this flower bed completely by himself.  Everything from collecting the bricks from around the farm, deciding where to build it, tilling up the soil, mulching, and planting the flowers.  It was pretty much the sweetest thing and I will love it forever. 

Then we went fishing because that’s what we do on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and basically any sunny day in the summer. And by fishing I mean, I basked in the sun reading my book while GI Joe untangled lines and put on lures. Perfection.
As if.

The day was salvaged and I ended the day with all 3 kids cuddled up next to me on the new porch swing they bought me and that GI Joe put together.

Next year though? I think we’ll just call it Sunday instead of Mother’s Day. Lots less pressure.

Then school got out and we started on our Summer Bucket List, which I will share with you at some point. 

And to finish off the month, our friends the Stew Crew drove the 3+ hours to come visit on Memorial Day! I’ve mentioned my BFF Heather before, she brought her whole family to visit the Koons Zoo.  Sidenote:  When she got out of the car we looked at each other and realize we were wearing the exact same thing.  Hilarious.   Her kids love coming to our house as they are oppressed city kids (or so they think) and it was a first time visit for her husband Jody. You know those friends, that you can just sit around and do nothing with and still have the best time? That’s what the Stewards are to us. It was the most relaxing, low key, fun day. Oh and Heather got a kiss from Holy. Do we know how to show our guests a good time or what?!?!?

Oh and did I mention that Heather and I have already arranged the marriage of my Ryder and her daughter Rylee?  Cuz we have and we're going to have THE MOST beautiful grandkids.  We just have to keep working on convincing the two of them that arranged marriages are totally fine and that it will really make high school so much less stressful since they won't have to worry about who to take to Homecoming and Prom, they can just take their future spouse.  They aren't exactly sold on the idea yet but we'll get there. 

For the wedding reception slideshow

I heart May, one of the best months of the year.  The End. 

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