Monday, November 7, 2011

Stuff Happens

Stuff like this...
ALWAYS, happens to me. Getting my necklace hopelessly tangled in my cupcake tree.  It took the Jaws of Life to save me from certain death by necklace & cupcake tree.  I may be smiling but I was just trying to mask the fear and panic. 

Like the time my the belt of my sweater got caught in the paper shredder at work and I nearly suffered decapitation until I yelled for a coworker to save me and she walked over and SHUT OFF THE SHREDDER. 

Or the time, I fractured my leg after graduating from the bunny slope to a real hill...ON THE FIRST TIME DOWN. 

Or the time I was pulled over for Drunk Driving and FAILED the sobriety test after only drinking Diet Coke. 

Or the time I was screaming for GI Joe to roll down my window because my hair was stuck in it.  Never mind that my hands were fully capable of hitting the down button for MY window, I was too distracted with my hair whipping in the wind outside of the car window that was completely rolled up. 

Or going into the ditch right in front of our house, while trying to back out of OUR OWN driveway. 

Or the time I noticed a smoky smell coming from the oven while baking something and upon opening it discovered an OVEN MITT. 

Or the time I sat in the passenger seat of the PMobile in the church parking lot for about 20 minutes waiting on GI Joe, only to get a call from him to remind me that he had driven separately to church and I'd have to drive myself home. 

Or the time we took a different way home from church and came upon our house from the opposite direction that we normally do and I unknowingly exclaimed, "LOOK GI Joe, their house looks JUST LIKE OURS!" 

Stuff happens.  Yes, this is my natural(ish) hair color, why do you ask?  :)

Happy Tuesday! 

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