Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I have started no less than 5 blog posts in the past 2 weeks and have completed, ummm, well, none of them (as you may or may not have noticed).  I don't know what is wrong with me but I either sit down to blog and immediately get writer's block OR I type and type and type and when I stop I realize I've just spent 5 paragraphs talking about Kim Kardashian's break up and haven't even gotten to the real point of the blog yet so then I get frustrated and call it quits for the night.  It's a vicious cycle of blog angst.
This is not one of the 5 posts I've started, this one will be strictly random bullet points because there are things that I want to record but in my current condition cannot seem to make an entire post out of it.  So this will have to do for now. 

*GI Joe thinks bacon is the smell of love. I made this tonight and when he walked in the house as I was frying the bacon he took a deep whiff, came over to me slaving away at the stove, gave me a kiss, and said "Awwwww BACON!  You're making BACON?!?  That is the best smell in the world.  I LOVE YOU!"  Ummm, ok.  I like to think that he loves me even when I'm not frying bacon for him and the fact that he proclaimed his love for me in the same breath as proclaiming his love for bacon is strictly coincidence.    Yankee Candle?  Scentsy?  Single women?  How 'bout a Bacon scent?  Guaranteed bestseller (or matchmaker).  Sidenote:  That bacon parmesan pasta?  DELICIOUS.  All 5 of us gave it two thumbs up which never EVER happens.  To quote GI Joe, "this stuff is DANGEROUS."  Don't worry I used whole wheat pasta and half and half instead of the cream so it was TOTALLY healthy. 

*The older Dakota gets the more I realize she is nothing like me.  She was telling me tonight that she had been invited to a bonfire at a friend's house on Friday night.  I asked her if she wanted to go and she said, "No, I don't really like to be around people."   Seriously, a 6th grade girl turning down a party with her friends because she doesn't like to be around people?  I immediately called my Smom because this is a chip off of the old Papa block.  My dad (the pastor) is so much the same way.  Get him in a group of people, even if they're people he's known for years, people he likes even, he'll last MAYBE 30 minutes before there's something more pressing that he has to do, somewhere he has to go, to get him out of there.  Even when his own daughters, son in laws, and grandkids descend on their house for holidays he inevitably disappears for a few hours always to work at the church or as we like to joke plan someone's funeral.  Gotta love him.  He and Dakota are twin souls which is probably why they enjoy each other's company so much.  No need to talk, they can just sit there with their antisocial selves and have a grand ol' time.  :)

*Imagine a witty transition here*

*Today, my son, age 9, surpassed me in shoe size.  When we did back to school shopping (a mere 2 months ago), I was shocked to learn that Blade needed a size 6 in MENS.  I could wear his shoes!  Imagine my surprise today when he got his basketball shoes and they were SIZE 7 in MENS.  What the what?!?  How is this happening?  Let's not hope this is going to be his growth rate from here on out.  He's NINE?!?

*We haven't really talked TV since the new fall season started, so let's do that now, shall we?  My absolute favorite new show is "Up All Night".  I LOVE this show.  It reminds me of our early days of parenting and just cracks me up.  This show motivates me to get out of bed on Wednesday mornings.  Good stuff.  Also, if you've ever wondered what GI Joe is really like, Tim Allen's character on this show will give you a pretty good idea.  Our whole family gets a kick out of this show, probably because some of the things Tim Allen's character says we can totally hear or have heard GI Joe say.  Pretty stinkin' funny if you ask us.  And now I've probably just sentenced my 2 favorite new shows to immediate cancellation so hurry and check them out before they're gone. 

*In case you've been wondering why I've been so sporadic in my blogging, which you probably aren't because if you've been reading for any amount of time you know blogging inconsistently and sometimes infrequently is just how I roll, but this time I have a good reason.  I've been very busy....making cupcakes...and launching this...

Suck It Up Cupcakes
You know, in my abundance of free time and all.  I figured I'm making cupcakes all the time anyway because it makes me happy so I might as well share the love and maybe make a little fun money in the process.  Really, I just love the logo that Miss Emily Phipps  of Styled  fame designed for me.  So even if this little side biz doesn't work out I'll always have this adorable logo hanging on my kitchen wall and that's good enough for me. 

*My sister Hilary (Micah & Kaydence's mom) in TN, is PREGNANT!  AND as if that wasn't enough, the baby could very well be born on MY BIRTHDAY!  It would only be right considering I had Ryder on her birthday 8 years ago.  This will make me an aunt of EIGHT!  Move over Kate there's a new eight in town.  Oh and did I mention I *accidentally* announced it to the facebook world the very day she told me, which happened to be the day before she finished telling everyone she needed to tell, some of which happen to also be my facebook friends?  Oops.  In my defense, she didn't say NOT to and also they told us by her husband sending us a picture of pee in a toilet followed by an oops.  And it wasn't even the pee that had made the pregnancy test pink it was HIS staged to make us think it was hers!  GROSS, either way really, but even worse since it was pee without meaning!   As you can imagine, I was traumatized and cannot be held responsible for my actions from there on out. 

And now if you'll excuse me it's time to go watch "Last Man Standing" and then head to bed because the crud that's been going around is trying to take me prisoner and I'm fresh out of brandy medicine so all signs point to this not ending well for me.  Wish me luck or drunk, whichever. 

PEEce out. ;)

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