Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs

We have kind of a serious problem in our house.  Especially for a girl who was raised with only sisters and had limited understanding of the male anatomy and exposure to their bathroom habits.  Even after being married to GI Joe, I still didn't get the full picture because his Mama raised him right and he knows to leave the seat down and aim well. 

But in the past 5 years, with not one but 2 boys and a rather sloppy girl thrown in for good measure, I'm getting quite an education.

I now understand why that one friend I had growing up who had 2 brothers had a bathroom in her house that no matter how clean it looked always smelled like pee.  Gross.  No wonder she would always go upstairs to use the other bathroom even though it required a trip up the stairs. 

I've had to take DRASTIC measures or otherwise risk my sanity being lost to a stinky, messy, dirty bathroom.  I refuse to have THAT bathroom that we avoid. 

Is it really so hard?  I would think this would be ingrained knowledge but apparently not.  Don't worry I'll ingrain it.

And there's this.  THIS is one of my greatest pet peeves in life.  The kids have their own bathroom and have assigned chores which include using a disinfectant wipe to wipe down around the bottom of the toilet where the boys may or may not have missed.  Dakota is exempt from this chore for obvious reasons.  Even after having to clean up their ahem..misfires...they still haven't straightened out (oh dear, I could go all kinds of directions with this post and the endless play on words).  This should help.  And it's directly in their line of sight so they don't have to look up or down, therefore messing up their aim. I didn't come up with this little gem, that was all GI Joe.  I heard him tell Ryder this in a moment of parenting wisdom.  NIce one GI Joe. 

Last but not least, my favorite. 
Posted on the wall above the toilet. 
Wish me luck.  If these don't work, they may be banished from our indoor bathrooms and have to do all of their business outside in the woods.  Not that they don't already do that but sometimes it may be chilly. 

Because I don't want this post to be all potty talk here are a few other signs around our house that only serve to make me happy, NOT to remind me of proper bathroom habits.  I've got that covered thankyouverymuch. 
Have truer words ever been spoken?  I think not.

Well, except maybe for these.  This is on the wall above my stove.  You know, just to remind my family, in case they forget.  :)

It's like they read my mind.  This hangs in my beautiful PINK laundry room.  Who doesn't want to feel like a diva while doing laundry?

That's all for today folks.  PEEce out!  I couldn't resist...really.

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