Monday, May 30, 2011

Blade Accolades

In this gig called parenting, it's hard to know if you're succeeding. Sure, Dr. Dobson and Dr. Spock have their thoughts and theories, but when it comes right down to it, it's anybody's game. GI Joe and I call ourselves Worst Parents of the Year (every year) but secretly, or not so secretly actually try to be the best parents WE can be, paying no mind to everyone else's expectations and guidelines. We do things our way and while some might say making our kids run laps around the yard boot camp style until they're crying for mercy and ready to puke as punishment is too harsh, we say it is effective. And while some may say we're being too old fashioned or narrow minded by not allowing our kids to talk on the phone to classmates of the opposite sex in 2ND GRADE, we say who cares (and p.s. keep your overly flirtatious daughters away from my boys). Anyway, with all the pressure on parents these days it's good to get some affirmation from outside sources once in awhile that you are doin' something right.

We had affirmation like that recently and at the risk of sounding boastful, I'm going to blog about it. Hate me if you must. Or ask me for parenting advice, whichever. ;)

Blade just finished up his soccer season last weekend. His team actually had a makeup game on Wednesday night but we'd let the coaches know that Wednesday night was church night and Blade would not be able to be there. I sent a note to both of the coaches thanking them for coaching and here are their replies.

*Brag Alert-Continue reading at your own risk*
Coach #1
I hope it gets rained out also as it won't be the same without Blade there. :)
He was a joy and a "natural". Very kind and listened well--- you raised a good
boy. :)) Janel did all the teaching..... I'm just in charge of "administrative
duties". :) I am glad he enjoyed it and especially thrilled that he had such a
super last game. He should continue on playing---he's very talented.

Coach #2
Blade was great to coach and is a talented and very cute boy! I really liked
him and would love to have him again in the spring if I coach u-10 again. He
was always respectful and willing to do whatever I asked in practice..never
messed around. Credit to the parents!
We really missed him in the game yesterday..sure we would have won with him.

You guys, I can't tell you how happy this makes me or how big the lump in my throat is when I read this (well, once I reread it to make sure it wasn't a mix up and they were in fact, talking about our Blade....I tease). It's one thing for us as his parents to think our kid is great but when other people say it, there's just nothing better.  

Most importantly, maybe he won't turn out to be a serial killer, because after all that is our ultimate goal as parents, right? Not to have our kids grow up to be serial killers? And if they happen to gain a reputation as a respectful, kind, talented, kid along the way, well then, that's just icing on the cake.

I'd love to show you a picture of him smiling while playing soccer but there aren't any. See this face?  This is his game face and not a smile is cracked until the game is over and his team has won.  And if they didn't win?  Fughettaboutit, no smiles.  Intensely competitive might be a slight understatement.  A serial killer?  No.  A fierce competitor who may take his sports a little too seriously?  Guilty as charged.  No idea where he gets it from. 

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