Sunday, May 8, 2011

Aww Moments

In honor of Mother's Day today, you'll have to excuse me while I indulge my inner mommy blogger and record some quips from my kids that have made me laugh or saw "awww"  lately.

Things that when I look back on this blog in 10 years from now, I want to remember things like this, not so much things like the fighting or the laundry or the "MOOOOOMMMMMMY HE POOPED IN THE YARD AGAIN!". Although the pooping in the yard? Yeah, they are NEVER living that one down.

One such "aww" moment came as I was helping Blade button the collar of his dress shirt. As I am wont to do, I got a little sappy on him, hey I'm a mom it's my perogative, and said, with misty eyes, "Just think someday I'll be helping you do this on your wedding day."
"Nope, not gonna happen," he replied matter of factly.
"What the wedding or me helping you?" worried I was already being written off as the annoying mother.
"There won't be a wedding because I'll be too busy in the NFL, winning SuperBowl rings and stuff."
Gotta love a kid with goals.

Then there was Ryder who bounded out of the kitchen post Easter with a handful of jellybeans saying, "Jellybeans make me so happy."  Me too son, me too.
Speaking of Ryder, he recently helped GI Joe put up a fence in our yard.  He was a dedicated helper, holding the work light when it got dark and they just had a little bit more to do and carrying tools and other such important tasks.  He was so proud when they finished it that he said to me, "When I grow up and move I away, when I come home and see that fence, I'll look at it and 'member how me and Daddy worked so hard on it."  That brought a little tear to this mama's eye.  Not just the thought of him moving away from us but that just a simple thing like helping build a fence is something that meant so much to us.  Note to self:  It's the little things.  Although, it really wasn't a little thing to him, I mean check out this graffiti. 

Then there's Dakota.  A few weeks ago it was the throes of turkey season, a season she looks forward to all year.  She and GI Joe spent HOURS sitting in a cold blind, making turkey like noises (also known as "calls" apparently) hoping to get a big one.  Finally, in the last 30 minutes of the last day of the season, they got one.  A really REALLY big one and she couldn't have been more excited.  Neither could GI Joe if truth be told but she was much more vocal about it, as in she talked 100 miles a minute, nonstop from the time they got home with their kill til her head hit the pillow to dream turkey dreams.  But before she drifted off she said to GI Joe, "Daddy, wasn't that the BEST DAY EVER?!?" 
"Well, the BEST DAY EVER was the day I married your mama, followed by the day you were born, and then the days your brothers were born.."
Heavy sigh, exaggerated eyeroll and with a big huff, she responded, "DADDY!  I meant the best day ever of turkey hunting...duh."
"Yes munchkin, it was the best day ever of turkey hunting."
And then she drifted contentedly off to sleep.  And I called Maury Povich to get on his show to have a maternity test, because how can I really be her mom when her best day ever involves KILLING AN ANIMAL???  IN THE COLD?????  SITTING STILL?????   NO ELECTRICITY????  I'll let you know the results. 
Look away if you're squeamish or are not a fan of seeing dead animals as prizes. 

I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day and hunted turkey or had jellybeans, or whatever makes you happy.  Or in my case, ate margarita cupcakes (I'll never tell whether they were virgin or not), watched a soccer game wherein my son told me beforehand, "I'll score goals for you today Mommy since it's Mother's Day but I can't point to you or anything after I score it, so you'll just have to know."  And I knew. 
I also knew that I can't imagine not having these 3 to call me Mommy. 
Life is good. 

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