Tuesday, May 10, 2011

33 I Be, I Be

Today I am 33. Yesterday I was 32, thereby making today my birthday. Typically, I am all about the birthday as adding another year to my "Lived" column has never been something that's bothered me and I certainly welcome any excuse to wear a tiara. Until....33, that is. Although, my fondness for tiaras remains unchanged.

33 was kinda freaking me out. Maybe it was because I am now PAST the halfway point between 30 and 35, and 35 is halfway to 40 and I CAN'TIMAGINE MYSELF A 40 YEAR OLD! Or maybe it's because my Mom died when she was 45 so I could only have 12 years left to live, or maybe it's just because I'm crazy. I'll take all of the above for $1000, Alex.

But so far 33 hasn't been too bad. It started out by me not being able to find my earring, only to discover it IN MY EAR, followed by being served coffee topped with whipped cream by a cute guy in his underwear (hey it's a scorcher in IA today! Also to clarify the whipped cream was on the coffee NOT the cute guy), followed by reaching for my coffee and accidentally sticking my whole hand in my coffee cup. Then I drove all the way to work with my LOW FUEL light on because I was feeling lucky, it was my birthday after all, and didn't run out! It's a birthday miracle!

Even God got in on the celebration and gave us my idea of a perfect day, 90+ degrees, sunny, slightly breezy, for my birthday. I love the hot, so it was the perfect present, in addition to, oh I don't know, another year of life.

When I got to work, I was greeted by the sight of my office decked out in farm animal plastic toys and pink balloons, a zebra headband with ears and zebra tail to wear, a pink flower to plant, and a couple of pins to wear with my title as "Princess" for the day (and every day, really). They know me well. Not to mention there was a fabulous spread of food in honor of the day, which I ate with reckless abandon because that's what birthdays are for, and I'm not the least bit sorry. Although ask me tomorrow if that was a good idea when I can't find a thing to wear because everything is too small and the metabolism of a 33 year old just ain't what it used to be.

Nothing says happy birthday like farm animals, am I right?

My Facebook wall was bombarded with sweet happy birthday messages that made me smile. I'm terrible at wishing Facebook friends a happy birthday so I was surprised and delighted when no grudges were held and birthday wishes were generously bestowed upon me. Something about people taking time out of their busy day to write a little something for lil' ol' me just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Underneath my rough and tough farm girl exterior, I really am the biggest sap who completely digs mushy stuff like that. That's why no matter how great the present is from GI Joe or anyone else, it's the cards that get me the most. I just realized what a shock that must be for my 14 year old self to hear. Note to GI Joe: Please don't misinterpret that sentence to mean that presents are optional. Thank you. ;)

Just when I didn't think I could feel any more loved or special, the Guard's Desk at work called me to tell me I had a delivery. This....

Is there a happier sight in the world than pink Gerber daisies? I think not. They were from my friend Annette and they completely made my good day greater. Thank you Nette!

Thirty three hasn't come without it's trials and tribulations though. Over my lunch hour, I spent a good 5 minutes frantically searching for my phone. I was starting to really panic when in a rush of genius, I realized...I WAS TALKING ON IT.

Blonde and 33? Maybe not such a good combination.

This evening, GI Joe had planned to prepare a delectable seafood feast on his smoker but due to my gift from God of 90+ degrees, it was a little steamy to be preparing a gourmet feast so instead we went out for dinner. To one of our favorites, Texas Roadhouse, where I made a big spectacle of myself by sitting on the saddle and acting like a cowgirl while the entire restaurant sang Happy Birthday to me and I did the Princess Di wave to the singing patrons. Just reminding my kids that while I won't embarrass them by being the old, boring mom wearing mom jeans and a too tight perm, I will be the one to embarrass them because I'm just so wild and fun. Speaking of kids, Dakota informed us of the following, "It's so weird that you guys (meaning GI Joe and I) still act like kids but are parents." I asked her how we acted like kids and she replied with, "the way you talk, the way you dress, your music, everything, you're like a kid". I think what she was trying to say is "my parents are hip and awesome," and I'll take it. It was just what I needed to hear since I'm halfway to 35 and all.

After dinner, we came home and I was properly pampered for the evening, which basically means I didn't have to do ANY laundry and I repeatedly made the kids address me as Princess Mommy.

It's still too early to call it for sure, but I have to say that after a day of 33, I think I'll be ok.

Relatively speaking, of course.

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