Thursday, February 24, 2011

Runs in the Family

Last year, my sisters, Smom (a nicer sounding word for stepmom), Dakota, and I started a new tradition called "Arnold Girls Weekend".  A weekend where we all met up in a central location aka St. Louis, shared a big hotel suite, shopped, went sight seeing, ate, took pictures and  basked in the excess estrogen and family togetherness.  It was glorious.  After that fun filled, laugh a minute, million memories weekend we quickly decided to make it an annual tradition. We've recently set the date and location for this year's AGW.

I opened the mail tonight and this is what I found.......

A closer look

A 2 page itinerary and what to bring list!  Please note the St. Louis cityscape background.


Typically, I'm the Type A, agenda planning girl in our family.  So imagine my surprise and delight when I opened this and wasn't responsible for it.

Apparently, I'm rubbing off on my sisters.  According to the note on the itinerary, my sister Brandy has been hard at work being me, researching and planning our 2011 AGW.

My favorite part?  This...

The "Things to Bring" portion.  This made me giggle because it reads just like the "What to Bring" list I got for summer camp in 1993. Brandy did a thorough job of making sure none of us would be stinky (see: deodorant), unkept (see:  Hair clips/Makeup, Hairdryer/Flatiron, Gel/Hairspray) or bored (Laptops/Charger, MP3/Nintendo DS/Charger, Camera/Chargers, Book/Magazine/Playing Cards).  As if.  Oh and I didn't get it in the picture but the last item on the Things to Bring list was "Smile and Love".  All together now....AWWWWW. 

As the girl who puts together spreadsheets and detailed folders full of itineraries when planning the annual National LamKoons Vacations, I have to say that I've never been prouder of my sister.

And if the Arnold Girls Weekend is even half as fun as getting this in the mail was...I'm in. 

Nice work Brandy. 

Last year's AGW

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