Friday, February 4, 2011

The Plea for Pink Carhartts Part 2

Since my earnest plea to Carhartt that I wrote TWO YEARS ago has gone rudely unanswered, even after 2 phone calls and a follow up email, it's time.

Time to get serious.  Especially since we've recently gotten hit by a blizzard which means I've been sporting my boring navy blue Carhartts an awful lot.  And everytime I slip them on, I'm overcome by bitterness, disgust, and anger towards Carhartt because WHY AM I NOT WEARING RASPBERRY COVERALLS RIGHT NOW?

Here goes my last attempt before I go public with this scandal.  I'm talking Dateline Special here folks. 

Not So Dear Carhartt,
We're about to have words, you and I.  Brace yourself.  Why you may ask?  Well, remember THIS?  Of course you do and I have no doubt that this picture is prominently displayed in your design team's cubicle for inspiration.  However, I wouldn't know that since YOU NEVER RESPONDED TO MY INQUIRY.  Listen Carhartt, I do not take kindly to being ignored.  I gave you 2 years to 1) respond to my inquiry and 2) get some raspberry Carhartt products on the racks of my local farm store.  You have done neither of those things and I don't like that.  I did some research and discovered that instead of my suggested (and lovely) raspberry shade of Carhartts, you are currently marketing a line of women's outerwear in "vintage rose".  Oh now you've done it Carhartt, you've done ticked me off.  Vintage rose?  Are you kidding me?  I'm gonna be brutally honest with you right now and tell you this, vintage rose is UGLY.  Vintage rose looks like you took a nice light pink jacket and washed it in mud.  Is that what you were going for?  Because frankly it feels like an insult to the fashion sense of female Carhartt wearers everywhere.  Also, is this your way of stealing my idea of pink Carhartts but modifying them in such a way (aka ruining it) that you would not have to pay me royalties or at the very least give me free Carhartts?  Don't worry I don't want anything from you in VINTAGE ROSE.  I want raspberry, as in HOT PINK, people, and so do the thousands of other women I've mentioned my suggestion to who would line up to buy them. I can completely understand why you wouldn't want to dominate this previously untapped demographic and not increase your profit margin.  Actually, no I can't, what are you thinking CARHARTT?  There is money to be made on raspberry pink Carhartts! Just in case you've forgotten here's a picture of exactly what farm girls and even city girls of America want. 
You're welcome.

I know this may sound harsh but you should know that even though you've devalued me as a customer and ignored my cries for help pink Carhartts, I still adore your brand and continue to wear it.  My boring navy blue Carhartts are now over 15 years old and I have yet to replace them and I still love them, boring blue and all.  They've had a good run and I will wait til they are falling apart at the seams or you send me the prototype sample for your new line of raspberry coveralls.  In the event that I have to replace them before I receive your prototype, it pains me to tell you that I will likely have to look outside the Carhartt brand.  Perhaps Dickies, because would you look at THAT, they already have some items in RASPBERRY so maybe they'll be more open to my suggestion of expanding that to their outerwear.  They probably value their customers enough to at least respond to such inquiries, I'm just sayin'.   I continue to wear my 15 year old navy blue Carhartts because they continue to offer me warmth and protection from our frigid Midwest winters.  But every time I put them on I am reminded of my unanswered raspberry Carhartt prayers and that stings almost as much as the hypothermia I would suffer w/out my beloved coveralls.  So I'm asking you again Carhartt, won't you please make my raspberry coverall dreams come true?  Farm girls want to feel beautiful too.  I look forward to and am eagerly EXPECTING your response. 

Conflicted & Cold in Navy Blue Carhartts,
Prairie Princess

And this is the letter I sent to Carhartt today, oh YES I DID.  Stay tuned I have a feeling they won't dare ignore me this time. 

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