Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Pros of Bros

Dakota is at that age, you know the one where you begin to wonder how you will ever survive the next 7 years?  Yeah, that one.  While she is anything but typical girl in her interests, etc she's 100% girl in the attitude, the drama and the moodiness. 

Her brothers, Ryder in particular, drive her crazy.  Not one particular thing that he does or says, just him in general.  So yeah, he's got a fighting chance....not.  She is constantly egging him on and antagonizing him.  And while he's not innocent she tends to read him the riot act over even the tiniest of infractions.  It's such a joy. 

The other night after Ryder had especially gotten under her skin, by oh I don't know...BREATHING...and I told her to take a chill pill and just ignore him, she fired back at me.

"You were lucky and only had sisters.  You have NO IDEA what it's like to have annoying brothers."

"You're right I don't know what it's like.  But I can tell you that it wasn't all kittens, cupcakes, and rainbows growing up with 2 younger sisters."

"It was probably a lot better than having BROTHERS!  My best friends are girls, girls are so much easier to get along with than annoying boys."

"Oh honey, you have no idea.  Girls are so dramatic and emotional and moody, kinda like you're being right now, so it's total drama island when you have sisters who are exactly the same way.  At least with boys, they fight then in the next minute they're playing catch in the yard.  Girls don't roll like that.  Girls fight...and fight...and fight...then make up because they were forced to...and then bring it up 6 months later and start another fight.  Did you know that your Aunt Heidi and I didn't really like each other or get along until I moved out of the house?  It's true. You know why?  Because we were both moody, sassy GIRLS.  Girls are much harder to deal with.  You wouldn't last a minute having 2 sisters instead of 2 brothers." 

"Yes, I would.  I either want to be an only child or I want only sisters.  Boys are just way too.....AGGRESSIVE."

"Well sweetie, neither of those are going to happen so you might as well get comfortable having 2 brothers.  And all we can hope is that when you get married and have babies that they are ALL GIRLS." 

And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  And I hope and pray that they are JUST LIKE HER.  ;)


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