Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Cliche

I’m having a major case of blogger’s block lately. And it’s not for lack of material because I need to talk to you about the following items: Annette’s Fabulous 40th Party, the time the daylights got scared out of me at the haunted bridge, the new TV season, the National LampKoons Early Christmas Vacation, my latest mascara addiction, and how distraught I am over the break up of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, just to name a few. Very deep, life altering topics obviously.  But instead I’m going to cop out and present the 2010 edition of “What I’m Thankful For”. Turkey handprint optional.

1) That I actually remembered to start defrosting the turkey well in advance of the big day, unlike last year where I played roasted Russian roulette with salmonella.

2) For kids who are now old enough to load/unload the dishwasher, sweep, dust, and clean their bathroom. It may not be to my standards but I’ve learned to just let it be because at least I’m getting a break! Remind me again why some people don’t give their kids chores? Oh what’s that? Because they’re NOT slavedrivers….tsk tsk…I feel sorry for them.

3) For New Kids on the Block performing on the American Music Awards the other night. Did you see it?!? It was SA-WEET. I smile just thinking about it. I could’ve said bye, bye, bye (oops wrong boy band) to the Backseat Boys, I mean Backstreet Boys, but that’s just me, well and Annette too. But that’s all part of their plan, which is a huge tour with NKOTB and the Backstreet Boys….appropriately called NKOTBSB. Don’t worry, we’ve got tickets to the already sold out show in Chicago on June 17th. Counting down days. Thrilling blog post guaranteed. Oh and because I want you to experience the joy that was their performance on Sunday night here’s the link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haNjOXeuOv0 you’re welcome. Please note how beautiful my Jordan is. Thank you.

4) For my new phone. You guys, I’m in love. And from someone who’s been known to always, always, always get the lemon of cell phones and ends up purposely running it over, that’s saying a lot. Don’t ask me what kind because I really couldn’t tell you, I just know that it does all kinds of fancy things, has a pretty pink case, and feels so good in my hand. Oh and most importantly? It works! That’s more than I can say for my old girl.  RIP old girl. 

5) That my favorite day of the year is almost here. Black Friday here we come. Although, I will be writing a passionate letter to some retailers due to the change in their store hours. Do they not realize that the Discount Divas have a specific route/time schedule that we’ve followed for years and changing their hours to open at 10pm on Thanksgiving or at 12:01 a.m. on Black Friday really throws a wrench into the spreadsheet? This is really intolerable but we shall prevail.

6) That I’ve uncharacteristically kept my mouth shut regarding a certain matter in our lives. Trust me this has not been easy for me but I’ve let GI Joe do all the talking in this situation. And for that the individuals involved should be forever grateful because he’s so much nicer than I. You have no idea how bad I want to blast a blog about this or better yet share a few words with those involved but I’m trying really really REALLY hard to be a grown up, a good Christian grown up. Ugggh…sometimes being a grown up is so overrated.

7) For a little piece of land where I can indulge my inner farm girl. Not to mention my adorable calf who I speak to and pet every single morning before I leave to work. If you’ve never known the love of a brown eyed Jersey boy, (and I don’t mean the Situation) you’re missing out.

8) For the best present I’ve ever given GI Joe, a custom made smoker. This has proven to be the smartest gift ever. He loves it and is constantly experimenting with different foods to smoke and we the family get to enjoy fruits of his smoking labor. His latest smoking conquest was called “Bacon Explosion” aka Heart Attack Waiting to Happen, it was 10 pieces of thick cut bacon weaved into a square formation covered with a layer of sausage with cooked bacon sprinkled on it and then rolled up into what I like to call Pork Sushi, and smoked. It was beyond words delicious. I also enjoy making jokes like “what are you smoking today” or “that’s a nice piece of butt”, and believe me, that never gets old.

9) That my beautiful pink Kitchen Aid mixer that I broke while attempting to make bread (from scratch) was a week away from the warranty expiring. I called KitchenAid, told them what happened and they are sending me a new one and then they’ll send the Fed Ex guy out to pick up my old one, all free of charge. It was so painless, I will forever be loyal to KitchenAid products and not just because they make kitchen appliances in the prettiest shade of pink but because they are awesome.  Sidenote:  This did nothing to help ease my fear of baking with yeast even though the bread did turn out wonderfully. 

10) That I have it so good. Sure it’s not always rainbows and sunshine, hello it’s IOWA , but overall life is grand. Three beautiful, healthy kids, a loving husband who makes me laugh and spoils me, great friends who “get me”, a wannabe farm full of animals that I don't have to eat or slaughter but that are just there for my petting enjoyment, and for this blog to record it all.  I saw this quote on the great Facebook and it pretty much sums it up..."Life is best when you know how good you have it."   Amen to that. 

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