Monday, November 15, 2010

Livin' Our Love Song

Today is a momentous day in the Koons Zoo household. It's the day that I prance around the house in my wedding dress, subject everyone to the watching of the wedding video, and demand to be treated like a princess. So really, not that much different than every other day. But I feel justified in doing so today because it's our 13th wedding anniversary. 13 YEARS! Can you believe it?

We were young when we got married, (obviously, since I'm only like 25 now), and there were some doubters who thought it was just young, passing love. And to those haters I say, HOW DO YOU LIKE US NOW?!? That's what I thought.

After 13 years, I think I've figured out why it works and why it's still working. It's because we're really nothing alike. Like the wise Paula Abdul once said it's because "opposites attract." Let's review:

He's a rule follower.
I'm a rule breaker pusher.

He's disciplined.

He hates onions and freaks out if I try to sneak in very finely chopped onions into anything I cook.
I enjoy the flavor that onions impart to food and am constantly pushing my food processor to its chopping limits to find just how small I can chop them to get them by his very discerning tastebuds. It's a game, I will win.

He's good at math, bad at spelling.
I'm good at shopping math, which apparently is a very different kind of math and good at spelling.

He's a wallflower.
I like to be in on the center of the action.

He constantly takes the high road and is the bigger person.
I'm constantly telling Jesus to take the wheel because I want to go Monster Jam on that high road.

He fixes stuff.
I break stuff.

He's athletic.
I rip my yoga pants, wreck my bike, pull muscles, and end up eating a Reese's to make me feel better, when I try to be athletic.

He's a country boy.
I'm a former city girl. We're closing in on this gap more and more every day though. Hello, I have a cow.

He's a homebody.
I'm a busybody who likes to constantly on the go. 

He likes to kill animals for sport.
I'd much rather pet animals than hunt them.

He's impatient.
I'm not really that patient but he makes me look that way with his lack of it. 

I could go on and on because our differences are great but then again so are our similarities which is why it miraculously works. 

There's nobody else in the world that I can imagine spending my life with.  And let's be honest, nobody but GI Joe could handle that job. 

Happy anniversary GI Joe. Thanks for being the yin to my yang cuz I know you're into all that Chinese philosophy, new age thinking stuff. 


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  1. Nice family ya got there. Showed my wife sure she'll be back. Thank your husband for us on Veteran's Day for fighting for our family and rights. I would look awful funny as a hillbilly with a towel on my head. I definitely prefer my four wheel drive to a camel.