Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Mini Mac Daddy

Houston, we have a problem.  The problem is that I have a mac daddy on my hands...and he's 7. 
Last night the boys had a concert at the school.  That in and of itself was hilarious.  Only our son would be doing some "Walk Like An Egyptian" dance moves to "It's a Small World After All". Nice touch Blade, you're right Egypt should totally be represented in "It's a Small World". 
After the concert, Dakota, Ryder and I were walking across the parking lot to our car while GI Joe went to pick up Pharaoh, I mean Blade.  As we were walking a girl from Ryder's class was also walking with her parents.  She saw Ryder and immediately exclaimed, "Hiiiiiii Ryder!" in that little girl way.  Instead of replying with a simple hi, GI Joe's son gave her a slight head nod, raised his eyebrows a bit and said, "Wassup?" She apparently was hoping for something a little less gangsta and said in that high pitched sweet little girl voice, "Ryyyyyyderrr why would you say that?  I said HI."  Ryder again looked at her, squinted his eyes a bit, did the head nod, and said, "Wassup dude?"  The little girl giggled and said, "Ryyyyydddderrr I'm not a dude, I'm a GIRL! *tee hee*"  Ryder looked at her, gave her the slightest smile, gave her one final super cool head nod,  and went on his way as the little girl went giggling off into the night.
Excuse me, what just happened?  And HOW did that work?!?   
I asked him where on earth that had come from and he shrugged and gave me the cutest, slyest grin and said, "I don't know but it works."  And then I bought him ice cream and a pony just for being cute. 

And so it begins.  Help us all.

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