Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why I Love Being An Aunt

For starters, these 3 reasons:


 Micah & Savannah (dirty faces and all)

Parenthood is great and all but folks, aunthood is where it’s at! I mean, you get to love on them, laugh with them, spoil them, be the cool, fun aunt, and when they are naughty hide your laughter as THEIR PARENTS have to deal with it. I love it! I bugged both of my sisters relentlessly after they got married to make me an aunt. It’s a good thing I didn’t know how much fun it would be or it would’ve been relentless times 10. Thanks for coming thru for me girls.  If this is anything like being a grandparent count me 30 years of course. 

After having spent Labor Day weekend with my precious niece and nephews, I’m more smitten than ever.

Also, please note that at least 2 of the 3 of them (Jonah is still young, he’ll learn) think Uncle GI Joe and I are THE BOMB and who could blame them? We pretty much are. Wish they’d tell their cousins aka our kids that. :)
Making cupcakes.

Licking the beaters, the best part of baking.

Besides being adorable they make me laugh. Here are just a few things they said/did that made me add a little extra in the budget for their Christmas presents.

Micah and I were riding in the back of Uncle GI Joe’s pickup down our gravel road, getting him countrified when I asked him where we were.  He said, “ Iowa .” Then I asked him where he lived. To which he replied, “Dollar General.”

Also, Micah love, love, LOVES GI Joe. No matter where Micah is if he sees Uncle GI Joe his face lights up. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Uncle GI Joe* I right here!” in that little boy voice and then GI Joe would seek him out, tickle him, pick him up, or whatever favorite uncles do and Micah would giggle and laugh hysterically. (*He doesn't actually call him Uncle GI Joe but Uncle Real Name) Hilary always said when Ryder was little how his voice just melted her and he could get away with anything because of his sweet Mickey Mouse like voice. Now I know exactly what she means because Micah’s voice does the same thing for me. Next time I see him I’m going to record talking to me and play it on my Ipod daily.

Savannah and I are cut from the same cloth. I often get texts from my sister Heidi that say things like “How did I end up having YOUR daughter?” and “Savannah is so much like you it’s scary.” And “My daughter is so stubborn and independent I could scream, wonder where she gets that from?” I have no idea what she was implying with that one.

Savannah is a bit on the strong willed side. And recently I’m told she’s been getting good use out of the word NO, as many 3 year olds do. But she does defiant in the most polite way imaginable.

Example: Heidi was telling her to come here so they could put her shoes on. Savannah was otherwise occupied doing something important like playing so ignored her mother’s request. Heidi repeated herself, to which Savannah looked at her very matter of factly and said, “No, not right now I’m playing.”

See what I mean?!? Delicately defiant. Apparently, Heidi is immune to the cuteness that is her daughter’s sassiness, and took that very stern, you’re gonna get it Mom tone and said, “Savannah, come here right now and put your shoes on or you will get a spanking.” Savannah , reluctantly stood up, sighed heavily, and said, “Oh OK fine, I don’t want to get a spanking.” I had to hide my laughter as I didn’t think my sister would appreciate me bursting out laughing at her strong willed daughter. Word on the street is that I acted much like this as a child. Sadly for the accusers, there is no proof.

Also, Savannah is already a texting age 3. Tuesday afternoon, when the early stages of niece/nephew withdrawal were setting in I got a text from my sister Heidi.  The text was a picture message of Savannah wearing pink and smiling sweetly.  Just the fix I needed so I called Heidi to thank her.  Except she had no idea what I was talking about.  Turns out Savannah was playing with her phone looking at her pretty pictures (again, no idea where she gets that from?) and apparently hit my speed dial # and viola!  . 

I may not be Mother of the Year but I'm definitely going for Aunt of the Year.

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