Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lunchbox Love

I'm carrying on a family tradition of lunchbox love.  When my sisters and I were growing up, Mom packed our lunches everyday and always included a little handwritten note to make our day.  Admittedly, at the time sometimes I found it embarrassing but secretly I loved it.  It always said something sappy about how she loved me or how she was proud of me or it might've just been a Bible verse or an inspirational quote.  Of course, no one else at the lunch table ever had such things in their lunchbox so I always read it quickly and shoved it back in my lunchbox before anyone could see it.  Cut me some slack people, elementary school can be a cruel, cruel place. :)

Anyway, ever since our kids started school I've carried on this tradition.  In past years I haven't done very well at doing it daily or even weekly.  Mainly, because GI Joe packs the lunches in the morning and I'm already at work.  But this year I've decided to make it more of a priority and have been writing the notes the night before and making sure they get in the lunchboxes, sometimes I even go a little crazy and pack their whole lunch!  I know, I know, I really outdo myself sometimes. 

This year my notes have mainly focused on telling them to have a good day, learn lots, and have fun, or a silly joke, that sort of stuff.  Can't make it too sappy or I'll lose them halfway thru their PB&J.  But occasionally I'll add a little something like on Blade's addressing it to "My Future Iowa Hawkeye Football Player" or for Dakota "To My Cowgirl" and things like that.  I've also included some Bible verses because Ryder especially, likes to memorize it from reading it at lunch and then amaze me by reciting it when he gets home. 

Blade recently mentioned that he didn't want any more notes. When I probed as to why the sudden change of heart, he told me that a kid at his lunchtable made fun of him and now addressed him as "Future Hawkeye Player".  Personally, I don't see a problem with that but could see that Blade wasn't so much enjoying it.  Being the kind of mom I am (aka awesome), I explained to Blade that Anthony is obviously jealous that he doesn't get any notes in his lunchbox and how about I write him a note for Blade to give him tomorrow?  Blade LOVED that idea and thought it would be hilarious.  I wish I could see Anthony's face tomorrow when he starts in on Blade and Blade is like, "Oh speaking of lunchbox notes, here's one for YOU!"  Can you even imagine?  Priceless. 

Here's Blade's note:

And here's Anthony's:

How 'bout them apples Anthony?  That's what I thought...BOOYAH!
In a war of words with a 3rd grader, I'm like soooo mature. 
But guess what?  I'll win.  Mostly, because I can spell bigger words AND because I can stay up past 9:00pm if I want to.
Mark my words, soon Blade will be fielding requests left and right for lunchbox notes from his Mom.  I may be looking at a pretty sweet part time gig here.  In the meantime, I'll be fielding calls from angry parents and annoyed school officials. 
If only everyone got a little lunchbox love this world would be a much better place.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so inspired now to pack lunches just so I can put a note into them! Pretty cute, Holly, my dear!