Wednesday, July 14, 2010


In case you're wondering, I'm totally stalling.  We just returned from the 2010 National LampKoons Vacation with its myriad of moments and adventures BUT I haven't organized my thoughts enough or gone thru the 900+ 1200+ pictures yet to be able to share it with you in a comprehensible manner.  Soon, my sweets, soon. 

In the meantime, I'm going to buy my time and tell you about some of my current addictions.  No need to call Dr. Drew and Rehab, these are harmless..mostly.

*Sweet & Sour Twizzlers-this is a new level of licorice perfection.  The sweetness of licorice with the tang of the filling in the middle.  Oh my, so good.  I care not to disclose the copious amounts of these we went thru on our 4600 mile vacation.  They are really hard to find so if you see them STOCK UP and then call me.  K?  Thanks. 

*Real Housewives of New Jersey-I'm not proud of this one and am not sure how it happened.  Except that yesterday when I was using the day off work to recover from vacation and do ridiculous amounts of laundry there was a RHoNJ marathon running on Bravo.  And I'm hooked, like totally.  Something about watching grown women w/ thick Jersey accents and big hair act like spoiled little girls makes me feel slightly better about having to fold my own laundry.  Phew, I feel better now after owning up to that one. Please tell me you're hooked too. 

*Reading-Lame-o, I know.  I read all the time but something about vacation road trips really gets me back in the reading obsessively mode.  I read 5 really, REALLY good books on vacation and have another stack of 5 waiting for to conquer (this week, you know in between mourning my garden and catching up on laundry).  Now let's be honest here, I wasn't reading anything heavy or anything that will further enrich my life, just good old fashioned, reading for fun.  Weird, I know.  The Book List in case you're a nerd like me:  True Colors by Kristin Hannah (love her btw, haven't read a book of hers yet that I don't like), Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steele (is it really summer if you haven't read a smutty Danielle Steele book? I think not.), A Perfect Day by Richard Paul Evans (have the Kleenex handy for this one, it's a real stop and make you think for a second book), Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury (I love this lady and the best part is my auto sensor gets to take a break because she's a Christian author and boy, can she write a great love story!)  and The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks (I'm sorry but just when I thought ol' Nick was getting too predictable in his writings he proved me wrong..great book and finally one that ends the way it should!). 

*Passion Fruit Iced Tea from Starbucks-this is nothing new but in case you haven't been bold enough to try it, DO IT.  So refreshing on a hot day.  I like mine sweetened but it's good either way.  Bonus:  It's one of the cheapest things on the Starbucks menu..SCORE!  Thanks Annette for getting me hooked on this one and for occasionally bringing me one at work. 

Alright enough stalling, I'll get back to looking thru pictures now.  Stay tuned......


  1. I am glad you posted the books you read. I am always curious as to what others are reading. Thanks for the titles!

  2. Alison, you're welcome. I'm the same way! What about you? Reading anything good that I need to put on my list?