Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I've Been Up To You Lately

I’ve been neglecting my blog because I’ve been very busy with the following:

*Working my way thru the 6 BAGS OF REESE’S EGGS my friend Doug gave me. It was part of my birthday present last year, except that by the time my birthday rolled around Reese’s eggs had gone back to peanut butter hibernation and were nowhere to be found, so I got a certificate guaranteeing me an enormous supply once they were available again. You know how I love my Reese's eggs http://hillbillyhilarity.blogspot.com/2009/04/reeses-retrospect.html And now I’m well on my way to the 500 pound club! Yay me!

At least I'm working it!

*Speaking of the 500 pound club, my Reese’s eggs indulgences are justified as I’ve been…are you ready for this? Are you sitting down?......I’ve been working out 3-5 times a week. Yes, you’re reading the right blog and I’m still Prairie Princess, and no I haven’t been overtaken by aliens. I’ve been doing the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga w/ Bob (my on again off again boyfriend) since February 1st and would you believe I think I’ve finally found an exercise I can tolerate. I've always thought that yoga was a lot of sitting on the floor cross legged saying "Ahmmmmmm". Ha! I wish, turns out it works muscles you didn't even know you had and supposedly creates "long lean muscles," that's what Bob keeps telling me anyway. Between the yoga and my little made up thing called Waist Watchers I’m down 6 pounds and am even starting to feel more toned. Haven’t figured out where the 6 pounds was lost from but hey it’s a start. I am starting a new diet plan this week that I think is really going to make the pounds fall off, it’s called The Cotton Candy Diet. Seriously! In the Easter candy section of my Wal Mart they had these cute little tubs of cotton candy. I grabbed one for me and one for my preggers twin soul friend Amanda, who like me with my first pregnancy has been craving it like crack. I figured if I just had a little a day it wouldn’t deter my Waist Watchers plan too much. Until I looked at the nutritional information and found that it had ZERO FAT AND ONLY 50 CALORIES PER CONTAINER! An answer to my prayers! Who needs 100 calorie snacks when you can have 2 tubs of cotton candy instead?!? Not I.

*Calling Hershey’s Cadbury division to get the exact nutritional value of a Cadbury Crème egg, my other nemesis. It’s not on the packaging and when I looked it up online it told me to call Customer Service. I called, because obviously this was of utmost importance, and basically the Customer Service Rep called me a fatty…in so many words. Turns out there are 150 calories in one of those delightful eggs but as the oh-so-blunt CSR told me, “if you insist on eating one of these while you’re on a diet which I would not recommend, maybe you should only eat half.” Wow, thanks for that motivational speech, think I’ll go eat 12 Cadbury eggs now, cut in half of course.

This is my next vehicle.

*Being a foster mom. You know because I’m such a good mom and all, we decided to ruin even more lives and take in another kid. Lucky for society, this one is of the furry, four legged notion. His name is Grizz and he’s awesome. Grizz will be united with is permanent family aka my sister on Friday. Teaser: the Koons Zoo may become a foster home for some other four legged friends in the very near future, stay tuned.

*Preparing, or should I say supervising GI Joe building our brooder house (def: a shed or barn where baby chicks are raised until they are old enough to survive without additional heat) for our spring shopping trip to the farm store during CHICK DAYS!!! My favorite part of spring? This trip to pick out baby chickens, turkeys, duck and maybe even a goose or two. Also very excited that where the chicks will be housed will be pastel colors. It’ll look like an Easter egg factory in there! Rest assured it will be photographed for your viewing pleasure. Sidenote: the technical farm term is NOT baby chickens, turkeys, ducks but instead chicks, poults, and ducklings. I’m here to educate and inform you. Your welcome.

I'm sorry but I MAY have to do this to them.

Reading over this, I realize that basically I just summed up my life with candy and animals. Huh. That’s investigative reporting at it’s finest.

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  1. Love the 500lb pic....cracked me up
    That puppy is waaaaay too cute