Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Birds and the Bees and Build a Bear Workshop

While I was in my brandy induced stupor fighting my cold, Ryder was asking GI Joe deep questions. One of the questions....."Daddy, how did you create me?"

Ryder is 6. Ryder is innocent when it comes to such matters as you know, the birds and the bees. GI Joe didn't feel the time was right to have "the talk", I mean after all he's 6 and he certainly wasn't ready to have THAT talk. So GI Joe's instantaneous response?

"We picked you out a baby shop and then stuffed you at Build a Bear Workshop. Your belly button is where we stitched you up."


Therapy anyone?

Looking forward to the call from school telling me that my child is scaring the other children with his tales of being stitched up at BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP when he was created by his Mommy and Daddy. Help us all.

He's already starting to doubt the Build a Bear theory and was poking at himself to see if he could feel the cotton inside. Clearly, I cannot take sick days around this place.

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  1. This is to funny. Only Justin!