Monday, March 15, 2010

Raisin' Them Right

I happen to be a devoted fan of country music (and NKOTB). I’ve always shared my love of country music with the kids by playing Johnny Cash as they drifted off to sleep as babies, by rocking out to it in the car with them, taking them to concerts of their favorites, getting prime seats, taking them bus chasing, the works. I’m that kind of mom. Yeah you can aspire to be like me that’s fine. J

Blade happens to ADORE Brad Paisley and has now seen him in concert 4 times! And by see him in concert I don’t mean sit in the nosebleed section and see him, I mean sit within the first 8 rows EVERY SINGLE CONCERT and have direct interaction with Brad EVERY SINGLE TIME. He’s a member of the fan club and everything. Because he’s a member of the fan club he gets an email at Christmas and his birthday “from Brad” that says “Hey Blade, blah blah blah, See Ya On the Road, Brad”. It’s a standard email that I’m sure every member of his fan club receives on such occasions but Blade thinks Brad emails him because he remembers him from the concerts and because he remembers giving Blade the first high five of the concert in Des Moines or Omaha or do you see where I’m going with this? Seriously. He and GI Joe went to see Brad in January and had amazing seats, like 3rd row amazing and at the end of the show Brad walked over to Blade, asked GI Joe if it was ok, and then took off his cowboy hat and put it on Blade’s head. Both GI Joe and Blade were beside themselves with excitement. GI Joe promises to do a guest blog appearance to tell you more about that evening but until then that’s the short story of it. The hat is proudly displayed and every person that comes into our house gets asked by Blade, “Did you see my Brad Paisley hat? He gave it to me.” He’s just a teeny bit proud of it.

All 3 of the kids are going to Tennessee to spend Spring Break with my sister Hilary and her family. They are so excited, they love their Aunt Hilary but they also love Tennessee for reasons I think I had a little something to do with.
The other day Blade said to me, “I’m gonna have Hilary take me to Brad’s house so I can tell him thanks for the hat since I haven’t talked to him since he gave it to me”
Me: “Buddy, I don’t think Hilary knows where Brad lives so I’m not sure if you’ll be able to do that.”
Blade: “Well, can’t she find out? I mean it’s right there in TN where she lives. Why doesn’t she just look him up in the phone book?”
Me: “It’s not really that easy. Big stars like Brad don’t always like everyone to know where they live. I think he has a big farm so you probably can’t even see his house from the road.”
Blade: “I’ll just email him then, he knows me. Remember he sends me emails all the time and REMEMBER HE GAVE ME HIS HAT?!? He’ll definitely want me to stop by.”
Me: “OK buddy good luck with that.”

So I think this means that Hilary will be forced by Blade to drive aimlessly around the back roads of TN in search of Brad’s house, and should she find it I have no doubt that my son will walk right up to the gate, push the buzzer and announce that he’s there to see his buddy Brad. Good luck with that Hilary.

Then there’s Dakota who has other reasons for loving TN.
Dakota: “I can’t wait to go to TN.”
Me: “It’s gonna be fun huh?
Dakota: “Yeah and I love TN.”
Me: “Me too. Why do you love it, just cuz Hilary’s there?”
Dakota: “Well that too but also because I love the music that comes from TN.”
Me: “Yeah that is kinda what their known for. Country Music Capital of the World and all.”
Dakota: “I love it, I hope we get to hear some good music while we’re there.”

Huh. So I guess THIS means that Hilary will be loading the kids up and taking them to Broadway in downtown Nashville to hit up the honky tonks and clubs so they can hear the latest greatest music in Nashville . THAT should be interesting. All I ask is that they go during daylight hours, there’s just something inherently wrong about taking kids to honky tonks and bars after dark. But daylight? That’s TOTALLY fine. Maybe she’ll even take them to Coyote Ugly to dance on the bar. Bet none of the other kids will get to do that on their spring break!

I have no idea where they get it from.

*Update-We met Hilary in St Louis to hand over our kids to her on Friday. At about 10pm that same evening I received a phone call from our kids letting me know that at that very moment they were cruising down Broadway in downtown Nashville with the windows down listening to all the music from the honky tonks such as Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. They also saw a pink limo who they are sure was Taylor Swift, my investigatioin shows it was most likely Dolly Parton but who am I to crush their hopes and dreams? They weren't near as impressed by thinking they saw Dolly Parton as they were when they thought it was Taylor Swift. Dakota tried telling me she was pretty sure she heard Chuck Wicks of "Stealing Cinderella" fame singing. Is my sister not the coolest aunt ever or what? I mean really, who else would drive down the busiest street in Nashville with 4 kids and 2 puppies with the windows down just so that her country bumpkin niece and nephews could hear the music they love so much? She said it was probably a better idea than walking down Broadway with 4 kids, a stroller and 2 dogs on a leash at 10pm on a Friday night. She's pretty responsible like that. We all know what I would've done right? YEE HAW KIDS! :)

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  1. So cool! I want to be a cool aunt like Hilary! And I want to be you without kids for (almost) a week! And... Blade is one lucky dude being BFFs with Brad and all. =)