Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What I'm Thankful For

What's that you say...that this post is slightly overdue as Thanksgiving was last week? Have I not told you about the year I sent out the annual Koons Zoo Christmas card and letter in JANUARY? Yeah I did, I dance to the beat of my own drummer, so really in the grand scheme of things a week is not so bad. And also I've been very busy with the following:

*Preparing a Thanksgiving feast for approximately 30 people even though there were just 10 of us. You know my motto “Go big or go home” and besides I had a whole arsenal of recipes for the leftovers that I wanted to try.

*Shopping from 4am to 9:06pm on Black Friday..MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR! More on that later.

*Trying to convince my Dad and the rest of my family to drive me into the projects of Omaha after seeing “The Blind Side” to find a big, 16 year old, black, sweet, homeless boy who happens to excel at football to adopt. Mission FAILED. My Dad can be such a fun hater. P.S. Go see that movie immediately, it’s AWESOME and Sandra Bullock’s character may or may not remind you of someone you know and love and are reading her blog right now. I’m just sayin’.
*Getting flipped off and screamed at by a GRANDMA just because I was sticking out just a SMIDGE while sitting at a red light. She should be ashamed of herself.

*Going back thru the Taco Bell drive thru because THEY FORGOT TO PUT ANY MEAT ON MY BURRITO SUPREME!!! Excuse me, how does that even happen? Lucky for them they remembered to NOT include the tomatoes or it would’ve been an all out war.

*Enjoying my laundry honeymoon. I’ll explain in a bit.

*Very NON merrily (pretty sure that’s not a word) unpacking the 10+ totes of Christmas decorations while thinking the entire time, “Would Christmas really be ruined for the kids if the house didn’t look like Clark Griswold lived here?” The answer apparently, according to the kids is “Yes, yes it would be ruined so keep decorating Mommy.” Sometimes kids are the worst, with their wide eyed Christmas wonder and all. J

Alright enough with the excuses, back to my point. Wait, where was I going with this post? Oh that’s right…what I’m thankful for.

*That the turkey I had thawing in the sink for 3 days prior to Thanksgiving did NOT cause food poisoning or any other illness but was actually moist and delicious. Not to brag of course, but I’ve mastered the art of roasting a turkey AND my Grandma’s stuffing recipe. My life is complete.

*That I got to spend a good amount of time over the Thanksgiving weekend holding and cuddling with my 1 month old, perfect, sweet, adorable, delicious smelling, albeit high maintenance nephew Jonah. And also that I got to give him back to his rightful owners when he started screaming and making milk demands. I’m so thankful that the baby ship has sailed for this mama and I'll never be viewed as a "lactation technician" EVER again. Love ya Heidi.

*For the new love of my life…..our recently purchased Samsung Front Load HE washer and dryer. I never thought I could feel such love and passion about an inanimate object but I do, I really REALLY do. Don’t be surprised if this year’s Christmas picture (that you may receive in January) includes them, they are that beautiful. They put the FUN back in laundry. Now if I could just find a machine that would fold and put away the laundry…….

*For the Thanksgiving Miracle also known as “Cell Phone Recovery 2009”. Remember how I lost my phone and was without it for 78 hours 23 minutes and 7 seconds and thought I was going to die? We were at church Wednesday night and right after I put the recovery of my cell phone on the prayer chain, GI Joe looked at me and said, “I’m going to go check in the storage room, didn’t you put a box in there on Sunday night?” Moments letter he walked out of the storage room WITH MY PHONE IN HAND. He’s my hero. Prayer answered! How’s that for turnaround time?! I’m whole again.

*That the Discount Divas escaped harm, malice or automobile damage on our Sunrise Shopping Tour 2009. Did I mention how much I heart Black Friday? So much there will be an ENTIRE post dedicated to it, complete with pictures of our one of a kind, designer shirts. Stay tuned.

*For the amusing novel also known as Dakota’s Christmas List that includes such things as “social studies, math, language arts textbooks for Blade to make him smarter (her words not mine), 9 blank spiral notebooks and an electric pencil sharpener (probably to assist with the teaching process), a Nordic Track, a meat grinder (to help Papa and Daddy with the deer meat), a sterling silver watch, a MAC book laptop, Jodhpurs breeches (I had to google this one, turns out they are English riding pants….seriously), just to name a few. Won’t she be so disappointed on Christmas morning when Santa brings her boring things like TOYS? Kids these days.

*For this email from GI Joe that made me giggle and call him immediately to see if he’d been abducted by pop star aliens, “I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want the Michael Buble Christmas CD. It has the song "White Christmas." Pop star aliens, I don’t know what you’ve done with my strictly country, oldies, AC/DC lovin’, anti-pop music, husband but please return him immediately. Thanks. Maybe it’s because Michael Buble reminds him of our brother in law, Bryan. The resemblance is uncanny. Yeah that has to be it.

*For this blog, my one stop to record all the crazy things that happen on a seemingly daily basis ‘round here, and for you guys who laugh right along with or sometimes AT me, if we’re being honest.

*And what kind of person would I be if I didn’t mention how thankful I am for my husband, kids, family, friends? Without them there wouldn’t be near as many stories to tell or people to tell them to.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th of July, etc! Hope it was great and that you survived without suffering food poisoning from turkey or being trampled by the crowds on Black Friday!!! Check back on Friday, the one week anniversary of Black Friday, as I will be posting the full "shopumentary" about our shopping extravaganza.

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