Monday, December 28, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I hope you had a magical Christmas. We sure did. Between you and me, I am starting to think this whole Santa ISN'T real thing is a hoax. I mean really, we were tracking him on a military tracking website Surely our military wouldn't have a tracking website for a mythical character right? Right.
More on our Christmas adventures later. For now I just need to document (aka share with the world) a couple things my oh so precious kids said over the weekend.

My sister Heidi and I were playing a very competitive game of Strawberry Shortcake Memory (sidenote: whenever Heidi and I play a game it's VERY competitive) with the kids. I was narrating the game and getting overly excited when I found matches. Then Blade found a match and I exclaimed, "We have a WIENER!", you know just being silly. Everyone giggled except Dakota who looked at me and said, "We have WIENER? What kind of MOM are you?" Apparently, she thought that inappropriate. I gave her the phone number to DHS and wished her luck in foster care. :)

We were discussing movies to watch on PMP (Pajama Movie Popcorn/Pizza/Pancake etc) night and I asked Blade if he thought that one certain movie was kid appropriate. He replied with,
"It's KINDA kid appropriate but it doesn't matter to me because I'm NOT a kid I'm a growing MAN." Oh really? I started laughing uncontrollably and that made him giggle NOT like a growing man but more like a little girl. I think we'll hold off on stocking up on shaving supplies just yet.

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