Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Chaos

Hi my long lost friends! I won't bore you with the 1003 reasons I've been a slacker blogger as of late, but I will give you a few just because I want to and also because there will be upcoming blog posts about some of them. I figure if I say that right here in black and white then I WILL make it a priority and actually get it done....maybe, unless I get distracted by something shiny and pretty. OK so here they are:

1) Had a girls weekend with 2 of my oldest and dearest friends in the metropolis of Burlington, IA. I'm sure you've heard of it, home of Snake Alley crookedest (if that's even a word) in the WORLD, ringing a bell? It's kind of a big deal. We spent an entire day and night acting like carefree 13 year olds and photographed every moment of it...glorious.

2) Started a new holiday. Yeah that's right a new, official, Hallmark sanctioned (well, not yet but soon) holiday....WINGMAS. We had our first annual Wings + Christmas=Wingmas gathering with our crazy fun friends. You know the ones (think NKOTB, man purses, brofriends, etc). It was a great way to kick off Christmas week and I would just like to reiterate yet again that I am a lucky girl to have such cool friends, not to mention ones that give such great presents. This definitely deserves a post of its own complete with pictures, oh the pictures.

3) I've been very busy making an exhorbant amount of Christmas cookies, candies and treats as part of the annual Koons Bake-a-Thon. Why? Well, because that's what you're SUPPOSED to do at this time of year. And besides I figure might as well live it up before my New Year's Resolution goes into effect on January 1st..or 2nd...or maybe I should just wait until Monday the 3rd, since it's never good to start a diet on a weekend, right? Right? Right. I'm sure my resolution will be a scale smashing success.

4) Making and decorating sugar cookies so that Moose the Lab could eat A DOZEN of them when we left him unattended in the kitchen for a minute. Don't worry he's fine and I don't really miss them as I rediscovered that sugar cookies are not my favorite. So much work, so little chocolate (make that none).

5) Working on getting a reindeer up in this joint. A real LIVE reindeer. Seriously. Sometimes it pays to be known as the crazy animal people who will take in just about anything (excluding reptiles, rodents and amphibians). This is still a work in progress but if everything goes as planned Rudy...or John...or Jane...or Comet...or Blitzen might be joining the ranks here at the Koons Zoo very soon. Along with 6 peacocks. I'm not making this up.

6) Running over my problematic cell phone....3 times.....on purpose. It felt good, really good. I received my replacement phone on Monday and so have not had any irresistible urges to chuck it through a 10th story window, so so far so good.

7) Enjoying the 3rd Annual Koons Christmas Light extravaganza, where we go out to dinner at our favorite steak place, stop for hot chocolate or cappuccino at QT (we're classy like that), and then go on a driving tour of Jolly Holiday Lights while listening to Christmas carols. Great fun even if my family rolls their eyes every time I make it sound like an "event". Hey what can I say? It's what I do.

It's been a busy holiday season but a great one. I love this time of year, all except for the ridiculous amount of snow we've received ALREADY. I like a White Christmas just as much as the next guy but I would've been fine with it waiting til Christmas Eve to snow. Whatever Iowa we're not friends anymore. I will break up with you for a warmer state someday.

In case I don't blog again before Christmas, which let's be honest is pretty likely, we wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Stay out of the eggnog and if you're like me it might be a good idea to lay off the peanut butter balls too. :)

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