Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Caped Crusaders

A few months ago, while on my annual girls weekend with my sisters, smom, and daughter we visited 6 Flags St Louis, because we're adrenaline junkies and because nothing screams girls weekend like actually screaming like girls while riding various scary roller coasters.  I realize now that I never blogged about that delightful weekend, one of the many regrets of my blogging life.  I think I'll just show you this picture which basically sums up our girls weekend and also tells you what kind of people we are. 
Superheroes, that's what kind. 

While we were at Six Flags we happened upon these capes and decided they would make great souvenirs for the boys we left behind at home.  Boys meaning Micah, age 4, Blade, age 9, Ryder age (then) 7, and GI Joe age 33.  Oh yes, yes I did buy GI Joe a Green Lantern cape and at this very moment it's hanging off one of the bedposts in our room.  TMI?  Probably but it's true.  My guy loves him some Marvel comic superheroes.    The capes were really cheap, as in $5, FIVE DOLLARS, so my sister Brandy and Dakota also decided they needed one.  I mean really, every girl should have a little black Batgirl cape in her closet, right?  Right.  Six capes later and a photo op was born.  We were all about the photo ops, see?

Oh and we had matching shirts, because we're just that awesome.  It's ok to be jealous.

After our fabulous weekend filled with estrogen, cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate, Uno, roller coasters, and laughs we headed home.  I was so excited to give my boys their souvenirs because let's be honest, boys+superhero capes are like chocolate+peanut butter, they just belong together.  Even though I had to tear them from the clenched, reluctant hands of my sisters after we posed for our superhero picture.  Note to self:  Christmas gift idea. 

As expected the boys, all 3 of them, were thrilled by their souvenirs.   As was NOT expected, they immediately put them on and went outside to  Not to play superheroes or an imaginary game of Batman vs. the Joker, obviously.

They were certain that the capes made them run faster, throw further, and tackle harder. Who was I to argue? 

Not pictured, GI Joe in his Green Lantern cape because well, I told you where it resides and this is NOT that kind of blog.  :)

The capes have come in handy for more than just football.  On Ryder's birthday we went to a local arcade/pizza place that gives you an extra $10 on your game card if you wear a superhero costume.  And just like that I got a 200% return on my initial cape investment.  Ka-POW!
Never one to miss out on a bargain, I borrowed GI Joe's cape since he thought wearing it over his uniform would look ridiculous.  Because a 33 year old mother of 3, wearing it over her shorts and tshirt did NOT look ridiculous.  When we got up to the cashier and placed our order for 5 pizza buffets and 5 game cards, I proudly said to her, "And LOOK, four of us are wearing our superhero costumes so don't forget our extra $10!!!"  Yes, I am THAT mom.  And yes, I was the ONLY mom wearing a superhero costume...weird.  Anything for a buck, or ten as the case may be. 

Have a SUPER Thursday!  Truth, justice, and the hillbilly way. 

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