Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

Remember how I said I was going to tell you all about our Tennessee adventures today?  Well, I lied.  Instead, I need to tell you about a serious problem we are having at our house. 

It's a case of sibling rivalry, a BAD case.  But not between Dakota, Blade and Ryder.  No, the three of them are ganging up on...

their bovine brother...Holy.
Can you even believe that?  I mean, look at that faceI think they may have taken it the wrong way a few weeks ago when I announced at dinner that Holy Cow was probably my most prized possession.  Apparently, they were offended by that as they thought they were on that list and found my argument that I don't consider them to be "possessions"  unconvincing.  Anyway, since then they are constantly tattling and even namecalling my poor cow.  They call him Evil Cow instead of Holy Cow.  Jealous, I tell ya. 
Why just last night, the 3 human children were out in the barnyard playing with the animals when we went out to check on them and found Dakota on the roof of the chicken coop and the boys sitting on the fence.  When we asked them what they were doing they immediately started pointing fingers at poor, innocent Holy saying that he was charging at them and being mean to them.  Obviously, they are delusional because Holy walked right up to GI Joe and I and insisted that we scratch his neck and pet his head like we always do.  The kids then started in saying, "He's so evil, he's only being sweet because you guys are out here but the minute you leave he'll be chasing us and trying to kill us. Let's make him into hamburger!"  To which GI Joe responded, "Be nice to your bovine brother," while I covered Holy's ears and reassured him that he would not be gracing our plates, now or ever.  And then I washed their mouths out with soap because THE NERVE!!!
I think they are just traumatized by a goat and a ram that we had that we may have babied too much that turned mean and actually did try to cause bodily harm to us but Holy?  Holy would never.  Holy thinks he's a dog and what they think is "charging at them" is Holy trying to get their attention so they'll pet him or play with him.  Sad isn't it?  That instead of just giving him the attention he so craves from his human brothers and sister that they resort to troublemaking and blasphemy against him.  Where is the brotherly love?   
For farm kids, they sure are wussies.   
All I can say is don't make me choose kids, don't make me choose. 


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