Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Checkin' In

Surprise, surprise, surprise, a new blog post!
Sorry for my unexplained absence last week.  We were on our National LamKoons Spring Break trip to Tennessee. I am not good at keeping secrets from you, so did not want to blog for the whole interweb universe to see that we were away from home which in essence is inviting the crazies to go all Goldilocks at the Koons Zoo.  Security reasons, you understand. 
Tomorrow I shall regale you with tales from our trip wherein we had all manner of fun from shopping to star stalking gazing to cave exploring.  Never a dull moment. 
But tonight I'm recovering and drinking brandy because I brought home a chest cold as a souvenir from lovely Music City, so there's that.  I would like to point out that while I was equally miserable on Sunday and even stayed home from church because I felt so horrible I refrained from the use of medicinal brandy and toughed it out with Dayquil/NyQuil.  You know because it was Sunday and all. I mean really, missing church AND drinking medicinal brandy ON SUNDAY?   That would get me on the prayer chain and probably a prayer service dedicated solely to me.  But today's a new day and brandy is the medicine of choice. 
So basically, I'm drunk blogging....again.   My apologies.
Here are just a few tidbits I feel like I need to share:
1)  Bath and Body Works is coming out with a new scent called "Country Chic."  You guys, I feel like it was made for me.  I got a preview sample of it and not only does it's name sum me up but it has the smells I dig and wear frequently....fresh, clean, girly.  I can't believe I'm not getting any royalties from this.  Check it out and think of me.  :) 
2)  Coldstone Creamery has a new ice cream flavor, something Oreo Cream.  It tastes like the best part of an Oreo, the MIDDLE, obviously, without the pesky distraction of the chocolate cookie.  Perfection.
3)  The boys both have loose teeth and they wanted GI Joe to pull them out using pliers.  But before they would let him make the extraction attempt, they both said, "But wait, I have to hold Mommy's hand while you do it" and then came running over to sit by me and squeeze my hand.  Adorable.  I love having boys. 
4)  I just finished reading Paula Deen's autobiography and it was pure awesomeness.  I didn't think I could love her anymore but after reading this I do, I really do.  She's so real and down to earth and she writes just like she talks so there is no shortage of ya'lls and fixin' and other such Southern gems.  Between reading that book and spending a week in Tennesse,  the voice in my head now consistently talks with a southern drawl.  After Paula, I moved on to another autobiography, Decision Points by George W. Bush.  He's not quite the trip that Paula was but I'm finding this book surprisingly interesting and a fascinating read. I'd read a lot of great reviews for this book, even from Bush haters and curiousity got the best of me, even with my distaste for politics.  Also?  It makes me feel really smart reading such a book. I'm a regular Condoleezza Rice now.  This insight will definitely come in handy when I'm a First Lady and all.  Remember Don't Say No, Vote GI Joe! 
So with that, I'm gonna curl up with Ken and George W. and call it a night.  Wow, that doesn't make me sound of questionable character does it?  MIght be time to lay off the brandy. 
Good night ya'll!

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