Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pink My Ride

Reason 2,098,878 Why I Love My Husband

It's the little things in life...

On the way to church Sunday, the back passenger side tire on the Princess Mobile blew out. GI Joe garbed in his Sunday best, aptly and quickly changed the tire, missing only Sunday School but still making it in time for church. The kids and I hitched a ride with the MIL so we didn't have to miss Sunday School and also because had I been trapped in the car with 3 grouchy, fighting children any longer than necessary I might've hurt one of them and it's probably unholy to beat your kids on Sunday. Probably.

Tire changed, GI Joe made it to church, kids still alive=a successful Sunday morning.

Fast forward to Monday morning when I went to leave for work and noticed that now the front tire on the PMobile was flat. Yay for me for actually noticing, because there may or may not have been other times in my driving life where I did not take notice of such things and drove indeterminate distances with flat or low tires. Yay for GI Joe because he told me to take his truck to work so I wouldn't be late and he would deal with the new flat tire. Yay again for me for not hitting ANYTHING, moving or unmoving, with the big boy truck. Also, yay for XM radio which GI Joe has in his truck but I do not have in the PMobile, so I got to listen to 90's on 9 AND HairNation on the way to work and nothing starts a Monday off better than a little "Poison" and "Boys II Men".

GI Joe called me later in the morning to let me know that now all 4 tires were flat and he had pulled out nails from 3 of them. No, I haven't been cruising thru construction sites lately nor have I driven thru piles of nails, that I'm aware of. The best we can figure is that our road was recently graded AND it's harvest time meaning there are a lot of tractors and hay racks and things with nails on them that could easily come off and on to the road and of course I had to find every last one of them. Darn "real" farmers with their harvest nonsense.

Basically, what started out as just airing up one tire turned into an all day event for GI Joe. By the time I got home from work on Monday afternoon all tires were aired up and ready to go and THESE were sparkling in the sun.

Here, let's take a closer look, they are just so beautiful.

That's right, PINK valve stem caps. Who knew?!? He saw these when picking up other tire fixing supplies and thought I had to have them. And he was right. They were the first things I noticed about my (non flat tires). Not that they weren't flat anymore just that they had pretty pink things on them. I'm observant like that.

I love him not only for his brains, his good looks, his ability to fix tires, but also because he put pink valve stem caps on my PMobile, knowing full well that he too drives it on occasion (ie: weekends, vacations, etc). Giving up a little bit of his manhood just to hear me say, "OH THEY'RE SOOOOO PRETTY!" in my highest pitched girl voice? Now THAT'S love my friends.

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