Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Isn't Over..Carhartt Letter #3

Dear Carhartt,

Hi! So umm, remember that one time at band camp when I sent you a letter THREE YEARS AGO with a brilliant design idea complete with picture (Exhibit A: http://www.hillbillyhilarity.blogspot.com/2009/01/to-whom-it-may-concern.html) asking you, no, BEGGING you to make a line of pretty pink Carhartts? And remember how you ignored me? And remember how I called you and spoke with a lovely Customer Service Representative (Exhibit B: http://www.hillbillyhilarity.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.html) who assured me I would hear from you because "they always respond, usually within 2-3 weeks"? And remember how I DIDN'T HEAR FROM YOU?!? Oh and then remember the time, A YEAR AGO, that I sent you yet another cry for pink Carhartt help? (Exhibit C: http://www.hillbillyhilarity.blogspot.com/2011/02/plea-for-pink-carhartts-part-2.html). And last but not least, remember the time that you PLAGIARIZED MY IDEA AND MADE PRETTY PINK CARHARTTS IN OCTOBER OF THIS YEAR UNDER THE GUISE OF BREAST CANCER AWARENESS?!?!?

Ringing a bell yet?

So here's the thing Carhartt. As you can see by the evidence provided above, I have been on the quest for pink Carhartts for a very long time. I have scouts in all areas of the country who are constantly on the look out for pink Carhartts or a worthy substitute (ex: Dickies) because they know the needs and desires of my heart. Imagine my surprise, delight, and utter disgust when I received a call from a "scout" in Tennessee advising me that she had just come across a set of bubble gum pink Carhartt coveralls AND coat! How could this be? My idea implemented by you with nary a response to my numerous communications? So original of you to put the whole Breast Cancer spin on it but I know the truth.

I was then faced with a moral dilemma. The dilemma being I was spitting mad at you, Carhartt, so I certainly didn't want to have to PAY for what was my brainchild to begin with, but on the other hand my bulky, manly navy blue coveralls that I was still wearing 15 years later, had lost their luster and definitely needed replaced and the shade of pink of the new Carhartt line was absolute perfection. Good job on that, not that you had any input or suggestions or anything from your loyal customers...AHEM. I had decided I was not going to buy them because I tend to hold a grudge and could not get over the fact that you used my idea without even so much as a "thank you for your suggestion we'll keep it in mind" letter. But my husband knows me well and he bought the overalls and the hooded coat for me for Christmas, because he knew how long I've dreamed of pink Carhartts. But he, the husband of the original creator of the infamous pink Carhartts aka yours truly, had a lot of trouble finding them because as he was told by several stores "the pink line flew off the racks, they're out of them everywhere". Well, would you look at that Carhartt, I wasn't going to say it but I have to...I TOLD YOU SO. Anyway, he searched far and wide and procured the overalls at a Tractor Supply Store 30 minutes away but went online to order the coat. On Christmas morning when I opened the packages I realized that the coat did not match the overalls. The coat was more of a coral, a watermelonesque shade of pink, while the overalls were the "perfect pink". The watermelon color was ok but not the color of my pink Carhartt dreams and they didn't match and hello, have you met me? I could not, would not, wear clashing shades of Carhartt pink. He felt horrible and immediately went online to find the right coat in the right shade of pink and everywhere was sold out. The day after Christmas we visited and called approximately 8 Tractor Supply Stores only to be told that they'd been out since the week they came in, and that "people LOVE that PINK Carhartt line". Oh really?!? How surprising...NOT. In a last ditch attempt, we called a Tractor Supply Store, an hour and a half away where I knew I had a scout ready to go out on pick up duty if need be, and they had ONE lonely pink coat left...in medium without a hood. I would've preferred large so as to be able to accommodate the 17 layers I sometimes put on under my coat and I really wanted a hooded one but it was either medium no hood without a hood or back to my boring, old, raggedy navy ones. We quickly paid for it and arranged for my scout to pick it up. My husband sent the watermelonesque pink one back and I finally had my complete set of  pink Carhartts. But by this time I was even more upset with you, because not only was my idea used without me knowing, but I, THE INVENTOR of the pink Carhartt awesomeness, had to search high and low to even own a pair. Something is not right about this, Carhartt.

But I have to tell you it was all worth it because I look GOOOOOOOOD in my PINK Carhartts, thankyouverymuch.  Exhibit D:

I love these, I really do.  They are exactly what I envisioned when I wrote you the initial letter 3 years ago.  Way to nail that.  And because they're rough and tough but girly and lovely, I feel like a regular country Superwoman when I'm wearing them.  Added bonus. 

As the mind behind the design, I only ask 3 things of you, Carhartt.  One for each year you've ignored me:
1) That you acknowledge and respond to this letter.  Would it really be too much to ask that you thank me for my genius idea that you've profited from greatly?  No, no it would not.  And in the slight chance that this idea was not, in fact, my idea (AS IF) just tell me that and thank me for my undying support and love of your product.  And throw in this super cute, matching pink and brown striped Carhartt stocking hat that I cannot find available to purchase ANYWHERE.  I NEED this to complete my look. 

2)  I still want the hooded jacket,  so if you could hook me up with that, you know, in exchange for my freelance design services, it would be appreciated.  Large, please.  Mmmkay, thanks. 

3)  I would like the color to be named "Prairie Princess Pink" in my honor.  It can still be for Breast Cancer but I think it's the least you can do, in addition to my letter of acknowledgment, my pink/brown stocking hat, and my pink hooded jacket.  And as an added bonus, I'll be your spokeswoman!  Will work for free Carhartts.  An offer you can't (and really shouldn't) refuse. Have your people call my people to work out the deets. 

I look forward to hearing from you, SOON.  In the meantime, I'll continue to be the envy of all the neighbors while I'm out doing chores in my gorgeous, PRAIRIE PRINCESS PINK Carhartts.  Thank you for realizing my Carhartt dreams even if I'm the one who gave you the idea in the first place.

Pink Power Forever,
Prairie Princess

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