Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is a friendly, Friday reminder that we just can't be good at everything all the time. So go easy on yourself. 

Because sometimes even, I, Prairie Princess, award winning chef, messes up while cooking a meal that I got up early to prepare the delicous smelling marinade for and had been looking forward to enjoying all day. 
Blackened chicken anyone?

Sometimes in my quest to be the perfect mom/wife/housekeeper/chef I am trying to do 50,000 things at once.  I'm sure many of you can relate.  And in my hurried state, I may or may not have accidentally cranked the grill up as high as it would go thinking I was actually turning it down low buying me more time to you know, multi-task.  I thought it was odd when I looked at the temperature gauge on the grill and it was like it hadn't moved from zero.  Turned out it had LAPPED zero and had gone around the dial once and was making it around the second time, making this chicken definitely salmonella free at approximately 1000 DEGREES. 

Salmonella?  No.
E Coli?  No.
Edible?  Also NO.

You guys, I wanted to sit down and cry. Seriously.  But sometimes instead of crying over spilled milk burnt chicken you've got to suck it up and blog about it instead. 

I should not be left unattended with the grill.  This is what happens when GI Joe works late and by works late I mean LOCKS HIS KEYS IN HIS WORK CAR AND HAS TO WAIT FOR A LOCKSMITH.  So I'm not the only one who's had a rough night.  Oh and did I mention he's on mood altering steroids for his 6th case of poison ivy this summer?  Because he is.  And there's a reason the label on the pill bottle says "mood altering" instead of "mood enhancing".  Bless his heart and mine for having to love him in spite of the 'roids.  

Clearly, tonight should have been a takeout night.  Except when you live in the boondocks there is no such thing.

The blackened chicken wasn't a complete loss, I threw it in the barnyard, mainly for Hormel, but noticed that the chickens seemed to rather enjoy it as well.  So not only do we have an escape artist hog, a Prairie Princess who cannot successfully grill poultry, but  we have cannibalistic chickens...awesome. 

As for the grilling, I'm turning the tongs over to GI Joe from now on.  I'm charred for life.  :)


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