Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blink of An Eye

Ryder turned eig...well, he celebrated his 5th birthday for the 4th time today.  I really can't talk about it yet because a) how can my BABY be that old already and b) I'm exhausted from Day 1 of Ryder's 4 Day Birthday Weekend.  Where do these kids come up with this birthday weekend stuff?  And how did he finagle it that his fell on a Thursday, the same Thursday that we had to spend an hour at the school for open house and junior high orientation stuff, so he demanded that he get an extra day.  Not really demanded just announced that since his DAY was being interrupted by a school function he would require his birthday weekend to start Thursday and not end until Sunday.  So high maintenance, that one.  No idea where he gets that from. 
I have my standard sappy birthday post almost ready but in the meantime, take a trip down memory lane with me.  It'll be fun...and depressing. 

Even at 5 days old he had an ornery streak because moments after this was taken he pooped all over GI Joe's arm.  Ahhh memories.  Also, this picture?  Precious.

Heaven, help us.  Check him out.  I die.  One month old.  You always hear that the youngest kid in the family has the least amount of pictures.  With the first, the parents are all gung ho and religiously have pictures taken every 3 months, then the 2nd comes along and it might be every 6 months, and then the 3rd comes along and you're lucky to have one a year.  Well, I was NOT that kind of parent.  In fact, I think Ryder has more pictures than anyone mainly because I was rebelling against the system and would not be the mom with no pictures of her youngest.  So yeah, 5 days, one month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 18 months, I did them all.  Then he started developing an attitude, a personality and wasn't as cooperative so they became slightly more sporadic.  But it wasn't due to lack of trying. 
Taken at adorable months old.  I'm too lazy to get up and look at the back to find out when it was.  I realize I'm slightly biased, but c'mon have you ever seen such a cute baby?  And this is how I remember most of his babyhood, such an easy, happy boy. 

Fast forward eigh.....72 months later...

We couldn't be prouder!  :)


  1. oh man this one had me laughin!! THAT BOY is TAN!

  2. Ha! He's gonna love me for this one in 10 years or so huh? And yes, he is SO tan, it's ridiculous. They were blessed with their Dad's coloring and ability to tan and not mine. He's also concerned with his upper thigh whiteness and how that will look when he wears his wrestling singlet. Cracks me up!