Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Future Wives of the Prairie

The other night I randomly started talking to the kids about their future spouses. Ryder was very willing to disclose his prerequisites for his future wife. I decided to interview him and he readily answered my questions but insisted that I write them on paper instead of putting them on my blog. I DID write them on paper but I reserve the parental right to publish his answers on my blog. It's good reading. My questions, comments, etc are italicized, his are in bold.
Ryder's Future Wife 5/30/10
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: any
Height: tall
She has to be a Christian, smarter than Mommy and doesn't scream as much (editor's sidenote: whatever)
Country girl or city girl?: Doesn't matter I'll make her a country girl. (like father like son)
Favorite type of music: Everything, mostly country. Definitely no New Kids even though I'm sure you'll make us listen to it when we come over to your house. Yuck. (he's dangerously close to writing himself right out of the will...)
Food: she will like pizza, sushi, chips and salsa, and cherry dip cones. (my kind of girl)
Hobbies: she'll like to play outside and to play wii.
Where will you live?: On a HUGE farm, bigger than yours, on that hill right behind where you live. (Show off)
Will she know how to cook?: She has to be a good cook and know how to make cheesy potatoes like you do.
Will she like to shop?: Probably but I AIN'T going with her. Unless it's to buy something for the kids.
Kids? What kids? How many kids are you going to have?: We don't know yet.
Wait, who's WE? Do you already have someone picked out? Will I like her? Do I know her? Is it Rylee? It'd better be Rylee, or lil' Holly, you have to marry either one of those remember?
*Eye roll*......and.....I'm outta here.

Then there was Blade. Blade's "interview" was much, much shorter. Here's what he had to say about the future Mrs.
Blade's Future Wife 5/30/10
"She will be blonde with blue or green eyes, tall. Basically just like you just less *hand motions* picturery." The End. (Editor's note: And by "picturery", apparently he meant someone who is not constantly taking his picture, which I may or may not do.)

Remind me to bring out this list at their weddings.

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