Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Truthful Tuesday

Since it's been strangely uneventful around the Zoo lately, well except for when I thought I lost the only set of 4 wheeler keys and was sure I would have to look thru all of the animal ahem..compost in the barnyard in search for the keys since that was the last place I remember having them and I just knew that one of the animals had eaten them, only to discover them in a coat I NEVER wear to do chores or to ride the four wheeler. Guess what I found with them? My pink work gloves and lip gloss. So I guess I have worn that coat for outside activities before. Other than that and the possible swine flu outbreak we've currently got going, all is well here. So instead I thought I'd try a Truthful Tuesday edition, which is a whole bunch of random truths that you never wanted to know about me..here goes.

*I have an unhealthy obsession with the Pioneer Woman and her new cookbook. And by unhealthy I mean my cart at Costco looked like Paula Deen's fridge with the bulk quantities of butter, sour cream, cream cheese and heavy whipping cream I was purchasing. I'm going to do a little Julie and Julia experiment and cook my way thru Pioneer Woman's new cookbook. Maybe someday there'll be a movie about it, I want Gwyneth Paltrow to play me. In the meantime, plus sizes here I come. :) P.S. If you don't have the cookbook yet please buy it immediately, it's awesome and has lots of pretty pictures which is what I look for in a cookbook.

*I think I'm headed towards being an alcoholic...seriously, an ice cream alcoholic. I recently discovered Haagen Daaz Bailey's Irish Cream ice cream. I didn't get ID'ed when I bought it and there are no warnings on the container but does anyone know if I might as well be playing beer pong? Is the alcohol still in it? Someone please tell me before Wednesday so I can add myself to the prayer chain at church if necessary. Thank you for your cooperation.

*I have officially entered into the Chauffeur Mom stage of raising children and I don't like it one bit. Would it be so wrong to tell my eager, athletic boys that they cannot participate in sports until they can drive themselves to practice just because I'm lazy and need to spend my evenings in my flannel PJ's parked on the couch eating bon bons? (As if.) On the bright side, Blade assured me that when he's in the NFL and wins the Superbowl he'll give me his Superbowl ring. Ok I suppose that's fair, now if I can just survive the next 11 years of driving Miss Daisy aka Dakota, Blade and Ryder.

*I am SOOO excited for my favorite holiday...Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Discount Divas Sunrise Shopping Tour 2009....woo hoo! I LOVE IT!

*As much as I loathe scary things and creepy masks, music, etc I really want to see "Paranormal Activity." It can't be any scarier (read: worse) than "Where the Wild Things Are" that we saw on Saturday night. Great book, horrible movie. It was awkward and sad and weird and slow and I took a 30 minute nap during it. The highlight was definitely the nacho cheese we sprinkled on our popcorn.

*As of recently there is NOT a single white wall in our house. Nothing against white walls but I love color. The final room to undergo the white to bright transformation was the laundry room. It's now a lovely shade of "Love's Light Pink" and I really, really love it, and that's all that matters considering I spend a good chunk of my time in there against my will.

*Our household is hopelessly addicted to the show Man vs. Food and are planning future family vacations based on the food featured on that show. You should check it out. Warning: Don't watch on an empty stomach, you WILL walk away hungry. I'm always overwhelmed with the urge to cook up a giant steak or burger at 9:00 at night after watching it.

*I was once accosted by law enforcement for 3rd degree reckless throwing. One of my finer moments. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime.

*I got to see and hold my new nephew Jonah last week. Perfection. Just when I think I'm completely over baby fever I hold a beautiful, sleeping newborn and then start thinking maybe a 4 kid family wouldn't be so bad. But then they start crying and stinking and wanting to eat and I snap back to reality and our comfortable sleeping thru the night, no diaper or formula buying, life and decide it's WAY more fun to live vicariously through my sisters. Thanks guys!

*Did you know I've "arrived" in the blogosphere? It's true, I have. I'm now a regular guest blogger on www.nothinggetscrossedout.com, complete with my own pretty icon. Nothing says you've made it like your own icon. I can retire now.

*I think the next addition to our zoo may be a zebu. To quote the Veggie Tales, "ZEEEEEBBBBBUUUUUUU!" There's one on Craig's List right now that's speaking to me but I haven't given into temptation...yet. An early Christmas present perhaps? I heart zebus, and zebras, and zorses, and zedonks. Ain't nothing but a Z Thang baby. (That was a little tribute to my "black era", if you can name that tune I will be thoroughly impressed.)

And that's all the truth you're getting out of me for now because YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! And mostly because I can't think of anything more and the Bailey's ice cream is calling my name. Peace out.

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  1. Ain't nothing but a G thang baby. Snoop. Sup. Glad to have you and your icon on the blog. You are not the best friend to have whilst dieting, though. *sigh*