Thursday, August 9, 2012

Food Friday Version Malfunction 1.0

Hi! I had a super awesome post written for Food Friday (in my head) but when I sat down to post it using my 1 yr old laptop my laptop started acting like, well, a 1 yr old. Falling asleep randomly, being tempermental & poopy, & no matter what i did it didn't want to cooperate. I'm typing this on my phone & already my thumbs are cramping up. But I couldn't bear the thought of skipping a post altogether today. So Happy Friday & check back on Monday for a new post. And keep your fingers crossed that I don't have to put my laptop up for adoption. I mean, not that I've ever resorted to that w/ other cranky 1 yr olds in my care but I'm just sayin'.
Have a fantastic weekend! As for me, we'll be eating our way thru the Fair, celebrating Ryder's birthday (still), eating our weight in delicious Iowa sweet corn @ the Sweet Corn Festival. So by Monday I'll look exactly like I did 9 yrs ago Saturday when i checked in to the hospital to have Ryder....GIGANTIC.  Worth it though.

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