Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cow on the Moooooove

My apologies for the title, I can't help myself.  I'm corny and i know it. 

So GI Joe is building this massive treehouse for the kids in the woods just down the hill from our house.  And sometimes, ok all the time, Holy Cow likes to "help" and by help I mean get in GI Joe's space and demand to be pet (or is it petted?  That can't be right that sounds ridiculous) or at least talked to.   Sometimes he even offers his professional insight. 
"I think you need to cut it about 3/8" shorter.  Oh, I wouldn't use that blade.  Are you sure you measured that right?"

GI Joe LOVES the company of a cow that thinks he's a human while he's trying to do a task.  I mean, who wouldn't?!?

On this particular day, GI Joe had hit a bit of a wall (not literally he was BUILDING a wall not hitting it) and was getting tired.  I guess all that up and down 8 ft carrying boards and building walls was wearing on him because he asked me to bring him down a Monster energy drink.  Listen, I'd bring him Halle Berry if he asked me too if it means I don't have to try to climb up in that treehouse and hold up boards until my arms are ON FIRE while he measures and nails and stuff.   Obviously, a Monster I could do.  I even drove the 5 miles into town to Casey's to get him an ice cold one.  I know, I know, hold your applause until the end of my Wife of the Year speech.  I drove down into the pasture where he was working to hand deliver it while wearing a sundress, perfectly applied makeup, the gentle breeze blowing through my shiny, untangled hair, humming a country song, skipping thru the pasture, holding a picnic basket with a big jug of sweet tea.  Oh oops, sometimes I try to make country songs real life.  ANYWAY, he was so happy to see me (I'm sure because he loves me SO much and it did his tired soul good to see the love of his life) or maybe it was the ice cold Monster, we'll never know.  He took a nice long sip, sighed happily (duh because I was still there), set the Monster on the tailgate of his truck where it would be within easy reach and got back to sawing boards.  
Holy was watching the whole thing.  
See the black Monster can on the tailgate on the right side of the picture?  See Holy Cow sniffing things out?  Do I need to tell you what happened next?

As GI Joe was hard at work sawing and measuring stuff and I was hard at work telling him my "vision" for the treehouse, Holy Cow went in for the kill.

He walked right up to that tailgate, knocked that Monster can over with his big old nose and then proceeded to lick up every last drop that came out of the can.  

Then he spent the next hour pouncing all over the pasture with an exhorbiant amount of energy for an animal that spends 21 hours a day standing in one place CHEWING his food.

And with that the MOOnster Energy Drink was born.  

You had to know I would go there.

Monster Energy Drinks, call me I think we're on to something here.  And I happen to know the perfect spokespersoncow. 

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