Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

I can't believe I missed ANOTHER Food Friday, somebody call the blogging po-po I should be locked up. 

My only excuse is that I stayed out too late on a WEEKNIGHT (that was twice in one week..I KNOW!) attending an Iowa Cubs game with my family and our friends the Shogrens.  The Shogrens are the ones who have the Little Holly, my namesake.  I've told you this before but she is a trip and I don't know how it's possible that just because we share a name we are so much alike, but it is.  We both showed up at the game, her in her zebra earrings and I with my zebra watch and she promptly informed me, "I LOVE ZEBRA ANYTHING."  See what I mean?  My clone, except the brunette version of me.  Her vocabulary and articulation just blows me away.  At the end of the night, she and her sisters gave me numerous hugs and lil Holly said to me, "But Big Holly (they are the ONLY ones who can get away with calling me that) I'm just going to miss you SO much.  It will seem like an ETERNITY before I see you again."  Dramatic much?  Love them.  Anyway, that's my reason for no Food Friday and I'd say it's a pretty good one or three. 

L-R:  Lil' Holly, Big Holly, Ella, Clara

Anyway, thought I'd check in with just a few random things floating around in my brain that I must release.

*The other day we were shopping at Costco and I looked at Blade's feet and noticed he was wearing MY flip flops.  I asked him if he was really wearing women's flip flops out in public and without missing a beat he said, "With THIS face (finger circling his face) I can get away with it!"

I think he may be right.  I mean, how can I argue with that?!?

*We had a friend's son and daughter over the other day.  The girl is 6 and a spunky one at that.  After they left, Ryder kinda breathed a big sigh of relief then turned to me and said, "Wow, she's a HANDFUL.  I think ALL girls are handfuls.  There's Karly, and Rylee and lil Holly.   ALL HANDFULS!  They all just want what they want RIGHT NOW and are SO bossy and kinda sassy!  GIRLS." (deep sigh).  They learn so young don't they?!?  :)

Right, as if he's NOT a handful?!?  Pffft. 

*Speaking of girls being handfuls, I've declared this year of Dakota's life, the age of 12,  "The Year of the Poop Face".  Exhibit A:

This is the face she's making in nearly every picture taken on vacation.  Happiest place on earth or I have really got to poop face?  Doesn't she look like she's having SO! MUCH! FUN!?!  According to her, she "forgets how to smile" when I pull out the camera.   Let it be known that IF I survive her "tween" years I"m pretty sure the full on teenage years are going to kill me. 

*I had my picture taken with RYAN GOSLING!  It's ok to be jealous, I totally understand.  Wanna see it?

He's not near as romantic in person as he was in "The Notebook".  Also, he's kinda stinky and sometimes he poops without warning.  But it's ok I still love him.  And while I realize he's an actual gosling, as in a goose, and not really the heartthrob actor Ryan Gosling,  I can't help but hear this in my head every time I see him in the barnyard.  

 My issues may run deeper than originally thought.

*I've been meaning to tell you about this all summer.

I'm kind of a lip balm/gloss hoarder connoisseur but I am hereby declaring this the BEST lip balm EVER.  Let me count the ways I love it...1) it has SPF 20 and I hate nothing worse than sunburned lips, well except snakes, I hate snakes more but sunburned lips come in close second.  2)  It makes my lips so soft, like BABY SOFT.  Oh wait, THAT explains the name.  3) Not only does it protect your lips, make them soft, goes on smooth not sticky, but it has a little hint of color (if you choose) and shine, so you look pretty!  I am currently in love with Pink Punch and Cherry Me and 4) All that for just $2.99!! $2.99!!!! This is not a paid endorsement I just really love this stuff and thought you should know. 

*Lastly, in case you need a laugh.  You've heard of ducks on a pond, geese on a pond, frogs on a pond even but here at the Koons Zoo we're anything but ordinary.  So I present to you PUG on a pond.  Seriously. 
Happy Tuesday! 

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