Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day..Delayed

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (aka Chicago/NKOTB recap) to bring you a little Father's Day poetry.  Yes, I realize Father's Day was 2 days ago but I'm on NKOTB time.  Bear with me. 

So here's a little original Prairie Princess Poetry to tide you over.  This was my Father's Day poem to my dad this year.  I'm basically Edgar Allan Poe...seriously.

 *A little background before we begin...I bought my dad a horn for his bike for Father's Day.  He's been big into riding his bike as of late and one of my kids' favorite thing to do with their Papa is to ride bikes so a bike horn was an obvious gift.  Or not, but it will make him laugh and frankly, the thought of my dignified Dad rolling thru his lakeside community with a horn on his bike makes me laugh too.  And if he ever uses it?  Oh help me Moses. 

I present to you the 2011 Father's Day Poem to my Dad

I bought this bike horn for you
I thought you'd like it more than an "I Love Dad" tattoo

So you can honk it proudly when out on the road
Or when your grandsons ahead of you need to be slowed

When you honk it I hope you'll think of me
And how many gray hairs I contributed to thee

I know you're not one to toot your own horn (ha ha get it.....horn, like bikehorn see how I did that?)
But you should because a great dad you've been to me since the day I was born.

You taught me how to shoot hoops
So my sons I could whoop

And how to be strong and calm when the world is against me
When I'd much rather let them see my fury

You've shown me how to work hard
But not how to play cards (that's ok I learned anyway..blackjack anyone?!?)

You've set the bar high for men in my life
And undoubtedly saved me much strife

Through you I saw what a husband should be
And also how to properly enjoy Oreo cookies

So thank you for being a wonderful dad
Although I nearly drove you mad

I hope I've made you proud
Even though sometimes I'm a little loud

I'm so thankful for a dad like you
It's time to give credit where credit is due

Happy Father's Day Dad!
I Love You!

copyrighted by Prairie Princess Poetry 2011 (P.S. I made that up but Hallmark, if I see this poem on a greeting card, we will have words.)

Don't you agree that all that's missing from his bike is a horn?

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