Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shut the Front Door....

Sometimes I get a wild idea and just can't rest until I've seen my wild idea come to fruition. 

The most recent walk on the crazy side?

A PINK front door. 

While on our spring break trip, I was reading a book set in the South and it mentioned a house with a pink door and in that moment, I KNEW, I just knew what I had to do.  I think you know too.  After the idea was sparked, I remembered back to last summer and the hot pink flowers I planted in my flowerboxes on the front of the house and the 2 adirondack chairs in exactly the same shade of pink as the flowers and how I had thought to myself, "wow, that pink looks so good with our house", which is tan w/ dark green shutters and white trim.   And the rest is rosy, I mean history. 

I spent a good 2 weeks thinking about it, mentioning it in passing to GI Joe to gauge his reaction (which was very non chalant by the way), researching what a  pink front door means about the inhabitants of a home, and seeking out the perfect shade of pink.  I wasn't going for a soft pink, oh no I wanted a bold, bright, happy pink.  Fuschia, baby!

I found the perfect shade of pink at my friendly Sherwin Williams store...VIVACIOUS PINK.  You had me at Vivacious.  It was the perfect compliment to the tan siding and not so blinding pink that cars would be driving off the road passing by. 

I have to tell you that while GI Joe was completely fine with my pink door dreams (one of the many reasons I love him, he just goes along if he knows it will make me happy), our children on the other hand, were not so much supporters.  Here are a few of their arguments on why we should NOT have a pink door:
"We'll get made fun of on the bus when everyone sees that we have a PINK front door." (Blade)
"People will think we live in a Dr. Seuss house if we have a pink front door." (Blade)
"Boys do not like pink and more boys live here than girls." (Ryder)
"Is that really necessary?" (Dakota)

My responses?
"Tell them you have a crazy fun mom who thinks she's a princess and can do whatever she wants including having a pink front door."
See above.
"I don't care if I'm outnumbered, I'm the decorator around here.  When you're grown up you can paint your front door whatever color you want."
"Yes, it is necessary and it makes me happy, now hand me that paint brush."

So I put a sample coat of Vivacious Pink on the front door...and LOVED IT.  I'm not kidding it makes me so happy to pull in my driveway and see my pretty pink door.  Right after painting it I kept going outside just to look at it from different places in the front yard and from the road.  And it's gorgeous no matter where I stand. 

Without further ado, here she is....

Yes, I'm serious. 

According to my internet research, and remember if it's on the internet it must be true, here's what a pink door means (sources:  various reputable sites on the internet)
"Pink is a sign of love, happiness, and uplifting"-I like to think our home is full of those things.
"Pink opens the heart.  Gentle and soothing, pink is the color of love.  It promotes tenderness and is a comfort in times of emotional transition.  Use it in a room where you are trying to increase receptivity and understanding."-Why mess around with a room when now our whole house can be more receptive and understanding?  That totally explains why my kids now sit around holding hands and singing Kumbayah instead of fighting over whose Wii time is up. 
And my favorite?  "The front door is an expression of the personality of the owners of the home.  A different or boldly colored front door is welcoming and insinuates that the owner of the home is LIVELY, CONFIDENT, and PLAYFUL." -Ding ding we have a winner!

So far the children have remained unscathed and unteased and there have been no cars reported going in the ditches surrounding our house due to the pink door.  And if next winter when we're decorating for Christmas, it doesn't go with our outdoor decor, guess what?  We can repaint it! 

But for now it's perfectly pink and it makes me perfectly happy. 

Now if I could just convince GI Joe that we need to paint the outbuildings in the barnyard the same Vivacious Pink to match.....



  1. I so would never get it pasted at my house to have a pink door. I was lucky to get the apple green in the bathroom oh wait I did that will Mr. Man was at work.

    I have really wanted a red door maybe I'll push for that

  2. My wife is also fond of color pink, Prairie. Actually, our front door has been repainted six times already—under six different shades of pink! Haha! Well, I must agree that the mommies are the princesses of the house. They—including you—are the ones who brings uplifting mood to every corner of the house.

    William Gulliver

  3. The color pink signifies femininity. It could be sweet, charming, and even romantic. Also, the color of the door has a strong resemblance of the owner’s personality.