Friday, April 13, 2012

Food Friday


Sadly, there weren’t any recipes that we tried this week that were “OMGoodness I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS” worthy. There were a few that were good, at least in GI Joe and I’s opinion but one (a Chicken Tamale Casserole) that we thought was particularly delicious was “dry” and “why does it have to have chicken in it?” and “I hate chicken and I hate cornbread and this has both…GROSS” to 2 of our lovely offspring. So yeah, that was a FUN dinner. The commentaries and bad attitudes and refusals to eat resulted in 2 food critic children running hills while their drill sergeant daddy yelled at them to go faster and one grouchy mama guzzling from cooking wine bottle (kidding). Good times. So yeah, I’d hate to put any other parents through that so I won’t share that recipe. You win some you lose some I guess. I just happened to lose my sanity.

Blade, the one child who cleaned his plate that night without complaint, knew I needed a little pick me up. You can see why sometimes I have to remind myself that I CAN’T have a favorite. ;) Anyway, I had an awful headache, was tired, and just really not in the mood to deal with 2 kids complaining about a meal I’d prepared when I would’ve much rather just told them to fend for themselves. I was a grouch. Blade, always trying to make people laugh, looked at me and said, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Cuz you look like an angel.” Ahahahaha, man I love that kid. How could I not laugh at that?!?!? He told me that’s a classic line straight from the 4th grade. He assured me that he hadn’t used it, of course, but that his friend H uses it all the time. Then he told me, “I don’t really have to use lines like that, it just comes natural.” OH BROTHER. Bad mood vanished.

You know what else will make a bad mood vanish?

This stuff…

Seriously. Go buy some NOW. Then eat it with pretzels or straight out of the jar with your finger, just whatever it takes to get it in your mouth as quickly as possible.

I don’t know how to describe it except it’s creamy and smooth and awesome. It’s found next to the peanut butter at the grocery store. It’s not peanut butter at all but it does have that consistency. It’s a cookie butter. A buttery spread made out of cookies. WHAT? Yes. It’s so good. We’ve gone through 4 jars in 2 weeks, it’s becoming problematic. But not really because it’s lower in calories and fat than peanut butter or Nutella. Although it’s probably NOT lower in calories and fat than peanut butter when you eat the entire jar of it. Just a guess.

And while we’re talking about my favorite things on earth at the moment, grab a jar of Biscoff (with or without pretzels it’s your call), sit on your couch and watch this show It is the funniest show on TV without even trying. I live for Wednesday nights. It’s kid appropriate just as long as you tell the kids in no uncertain terms that they should not attempt to do any of the things that the guys on the show do (ie: use dynamite to blow up a beaver dam). My whole family LOVES this show and laughs out loud from start to finish every. single. episode. I want the Robertsons to be my neighbors. Check it out if you’re not already hooked on it, good stuff.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. This spread stuff better be good because I am going to buy some the next time I am at the store-HyVee has it, right? I think I remember you are a Wally World shopper??

  2. It's SO good! But I haven't been able to find it at HyVee or Target, just Wal Mart for now. Trader Joe's also has a Cookie Butter that's similar but Biscoff is better!

    1. I am disappointed now-I just now read your comment(doesn't send me email notifications)...I was coming back on here to say that HyVee did not have it. I am bummed, I was looking forward to dipping some pretzels in it :)

  3. Maybe we should tell our local HyVee they need to get it! I was shocked that they didn't have it.

  4. Oh my goodness...this stuff is dangerous! I had been looking for it everywhere since you posted this and haven't been able to find it so I ordered a 2-pack from Amazon with one creamy and one chunky (has bits of cookie mixed in). WOW! These are my hubby's favorite cookies and the smile that creeped onto his face after sticking a spoonful in his mouth was priceless. Going to take the empty jars to Kroger and get them to special order some....should only be a couple of days until we've licked the jars clean. :)